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This is what I watched while having my first coffee of the day.



The rain has finally arrived in Plett so I have been planting out seedlings since first light. I find that putting a spoon full of L.A.N. 8into a watering can and pouring it round the roots of the Cauliflower, Chard , Leeks and Broccoli helps promote some strong greenery.

These herbs are very easy to grow and most can be grown in pots of various sizes. I found some of the Garlic cloves had started sp[routing so I put them in pots, with the sprout facing up and just below the surface of the soil. In the last month they have grown to about 200 mm in hight.



Have you ever been sitting and let your mind wander ? I was doing this and thought of how in the middle ages in the UK people could not speak freely about others that were in the upper class at the time. To educate their children they made up nursery rhymes and now we do not question the fact that they were actually codes.
Thinking of our situation I think we could use them but just change their names a bit. Number one would be “ Bra Bra Black Sheep have you any Jobs “. Sung to the usual tune, there is plenty of news items that could be added. Also President Kumar could also be likened to “ Humpty Dumty sat on the Fence “ . Especially when some magician spirited a plane from India to the middle of an African country without any one seeing it , until it appeared in the middle of the runway. Abracadabra, notice the two “ Bra`s” , maybe one was hiding.

nurseryrimesTo find this click here.

Just a bit of local news..

When I say local it means very local, that is as far as I can see from where I`m sitting.
I didn`t go to the Wolf Sanctuary today as I decided to do some gardening and sit on my computer for a while. I spent 3 hours trying to sort   my webpage  out last night but have found that it is now full and can not upload any more photo`s to my front page. In the past I have transferred the info onto the webpage using html. This is fine until the blog site closes and then I lost my pictures. It took a long time finding and uploading them to the page takes a long time. The lesson learned is that all my photo`s must uploaded from the originals when putting the blog somewhere else. That is why I keep all the photo`s used in on a separate disk.

comp 2 6

The hard drive is rescued from an old desktop but the solar cell is being charged by my laptop. The solar cell is very handy as it comes with a stand up light and many adapters for phone charging. I can either charge it with the sun or computer.

pigy tiara

Alice as seen through rose coloured glasses. 🙂  I don`t know how she grew so fast and so big.  I think she was spoilt and eat too much.


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