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As a lot of my hobbies are on hold for a while I have been stuck on photographing the sunrise every morning. The joy is waiting for the colours to change. i have a small camera that has a timed sequence that is for photographing growing plants, so I must then do the sunrise. I tried it with my Fujifilm  Finepix but it only does about 30 shots at a time. Making animations has also taken up some time but they wont work as a header on this site. When the sunrises was put into a blog it had to be left clicked to make it  work. Try then both if they don`t animate automatically.


These were taken this morning in a space of 30 minutes.


This was the new animated header which  didn`t upload.


Birds at Sunrise.


The birds at Sunset.


I still miss Alice doing this every morning, but we still see her every week. even after seven months of being back at the wolf sanctuary she still remembers our voices and is always the first in line. She still remembers to lay down for a tummy rub and a brush. when i brush her she lays down and lifts her legs so she can be brushed all over, then gets up and lays on the other side.


For 2 years we looked after Alice as the owner did not have time. She was a much better pet than any of the dogs I have had, but a lot more work. she would walk around the farm with me and was very protective. she would go off into the bush foraging but would always find me if I walked a different way to normal. Before Alice I had never thought about pigs being sensual beings but I leaned a lot about pigs and their behavior,  being so close. In all pig books it says they are dangerous, this is quite true as they do get the Hump sometimes and it`s difficult to see a reason.


Enjoy your coffee, and the rest of the weekend. Leo

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A Curious Day ?

These things made me wonder as they are part of a government department. (1)A lamp nearly full of water. (2) The other lamp looks OK and shines all night. (3)This is the view from the microwave tower. (4) the microwave tower with a lovely view. Even with binoculars I can`t see another mast.

Another strange thing I`ve come across today is this bottle. Since when has a Giraffe been a tall horse ?
tall horse

Another of the Orchids have bloomed, which is better than the others which are only white ones at the moment.
orange orchid

Today’s sunrise was taken with my Wife’s camera.
SR290613 5

Next are scenes shot with different colour settings.

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Have a great weekend.

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Last night I thought it would be good to see how the sunset would look on the camera. It was a pleasant surprise as a flock of birds went across my field of view.


I caught the birds when moving to the right of this shot.


A word of warning to anyone taking candid shots on holiday. Sometimes we get so involved in the photograph that we only see the background latter. 🙂


I wonder who is fighting over the political bones.

local beach bones

Have a great day. Leo

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I tried to upload an  animated header but this site doesn`t accept it, unlike iblog and most others. It was just a few sunrises that I see every morning before I write a blog. I find then quite inspiring.


To animate the header above, just left click on it.

sunrise24 5

sunrise24 1sun1 2

sunrise 1806 2


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This was originally in the local newspapers in the 70`s.


With some thought it may be relevant now.


There are two people who seem to occupy most of the media at the moment. The first is Nelson Mandela, the other is Michael Jackson. Nelson Mandela has always true to his beliefs, even now. His philosophy on life has never changed and he must be very sad to see that all his hopes have not materialized. Most of what has happened since he stepped down is the complete opposite to his wishes of a Rainbow Nation. This could be debated for a long time but until the ANC  becomes a political party and separates party and state we will never move forward.
I have never been a follower of Jackson as he was so ashamed of his colour that he bleached his skin, had many changes to his physical structures  and led a very sad life. He even supposedly had white children, which for a black father is impossible. Elvis although berated at times was reasonably true to himself as far as rock Stars go. All stars end up on some sort of drug due mainly to the stress they have to endure.


I`m getting some weird veggies in my garden, maybe I`m using the wrong hormones.


I took some good photo`s of the sunset where I live but  I must go a little further away to get the horizon.

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Instead of putting the sunrise in the blog I thought I would just change the header. On iblog I managed to put an animated header on my blog, it doesn`t seem to work here.


It can be quite fun making animations, you just need a few still pics taken at intervals. then put them in the animation program that can be downloaded from my webpage.


Zimzania is a mythical country in Africa. Our jovial President is Jay Kumar, he has lots of friends in low places. Because of all the Gates he has opened, there seems to be some dissatisfaction amongst the intellectual set. The worrying thing is that we now have 150 opposition parties who were  joined by another one this week. The new party is called “agang”, now is this the A gang or just another gang. The trouble with calling a party a “gang” is we have plenty of them already. 🙂

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It is a bright and early morning again with the camera still on the table.  The sunrise changed quite a lot since I have been sitting here with my coffee.


sunrise24 1

Before sunrise.

sunrise24 3 sunrise24 5

if you want to take a photo of the moon with zoom, be very careful it may end up as a squiggle.

moon shotsSome more bumper stickers.


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This is a comparison of wide angle and zoom with a small 3mp camera.

compare zoom1

I still find sunrises fascinating as they change before your eyes. A lot of people either don`t get up in time to see them or are too busy getting ready for work. I am lucky as I have been retired for many years and can put a lot of visual media on my blogs. I love photography and am always being asked why photograph everything you see, the reason is that they are records of what is around me at that particular time. Many photographs are deleted now as I only keep the ones I blog, except for those of family and friends which I don`t blog. I realise that many people do not have the same  feelings for some of the photo`s I include but I have tried to vary the content. Another problem is how long should a blog be, I feel sometimes that if a blog is too long and does not vary it`s content people will stop reading it. Although it is good to get “like`s” but it doesn`t let you know if the blog is interesting, too long, too short or wrong layout. Well with all the moans out of the way, here is this mornings sunrise.


The first shot was with  3mp and the other by a 10mp camera. The colours have changed within the 5 minutes it took to get the smaller camera. The shots on the 3mp camera were taken at 1.5 mp. For blogging I think even 1 mp would be OK, as I have used an old phone camera that was even less than that.

These are some bumper stickers that were found while sorting out.


I wouldn`t eat that Livingstone ! , it looks a bit crappy. 🙂


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What happened to the Sunrise this morning? It looks like a black and white photo again. This is the normal time that I photograph the sunrise.

dark sunrise1

After a while it started to show over the mountain  and we got a bit of rain for five minutes.


sunrise mountaintop

Yesterday the sunrise was quite spectacular even though it was a red sky in the morning.

sun1 2

Alice and her friend Boris seem to be OK since Alice lost her piglets. Her milk seems to have dried upand she is quite ameniable to a tummy scratch. The both eat like Pigs. 🙂

alice boar

During the week we save all unued food and take it to them on a Saturday. They made short work of chicken stew and rice, 2 chicken carcuses , sandwiches and Acorns. There was so much we had to feed all the pigs.






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sunrise11906 1

Another day dawns and we wait for rain.

rainy bay

Latter in the day but still a false alarm although you can`t see the mountains.


What happened to formal strikes when people just marched ? Is this sort of action is going to be condoned by the government again. Can you imagine what person with any sense would throw rubbish around the streets and expect to be taken seriously.


These are not Strikes, they constitute a Riot.

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