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Hope you don`t mind Optie.

Reading the sign from the top it seems like they use a chain saw for their circumcisions, as they have the same phone number. It must be a cultural thing, it doesn`t hurt, but if you die, you will be a man going to heaven in a good way?.


If you have to take the local ambulance it may take a few days to get to hospital.



This guy is a bit of a petrol head, or was until his car was stolen.  He is now the local DJ because he is the only one with a radio that plays for a year on one battery.


I think this School is sponsored by MTN but the school bus is only a six seater.


Africa`s first Space mission landed today in central Cape Town.

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These photo`s were taken with a cell phone on the N2 going into Mobray near Cape Town. It looks like this is now taken over from “Train Surfing”, or is it just the price of taxi fares?  This kid has been hanging on for over twenty minutes, then the tick-tack that was holding my cell phone to the mirror fell off.  I never filmed the end of the trip because the truck went towards Cape Town and I turned left at Mobray.



There are many peculiar things happening on South Africa`s roads.


We have some of the best Potholes on the Planet.

barrow bike

Since 1994,  you can now get a two wheel Bakki.

up close whale

We have the noseyest Whales I have seen in a long time.

lightning extra

Jo`berg has some of the best dry storms in the world.

alice 3piglets

Alice with three of her new friends,………… priceless.

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Piggyback Mushroom.

While searching for Pine Rings in the bush a few days ago I came across a very unusual specimen. I have never seen a mushroom growing on itself before. Many times a mushroom will get a rouge fungus growing on it. This is usually when they grow in very damp places. I managed to find the mushroom several days latter just to see how it was progressing. I was surprised to see that it had died, so I cut through it to make sure it was a Pine Ring. However you can see how much the lower one has grown in the last few days and was edible. In this part of the bush all the Fly Agarics have died and the area has been replaced by Russulas. Most of what I saw had a red stripe on the stem which usually means they are a bit hot and peppery.





Southern Right Whale breaching by the boat. The noise is terrific when you are this close.


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Imagine taking a walk along a nice quite country road and finding this sign.  The first thing is to duck then look around, but it won`t help you`ve already been shot. 🙂


The lighter side to a walk in the country is the animal, I  think they also watch ” Star Wars ” on their cell phones.


The Orchids are coming into flower now, but I can only send the owner a photograph. As I haven`t got Alice to look after I am fostering some Orchids for a friend who has gone overseas for a few months.

alice looking

Taking Alice for a walk., or did she take me. she would stop many times to dig up a root or eat some weeds.  She was protective like a dog one day when a dirt bike went passed the fence.  She chased it to the end of the property making a barking sound, I since found out that this was not learned from the dogs but was normal for a cross pig.


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If you have read my earlier blogs you will know that I have an affinity with pigs. They seem to be the most misunderstood animals that we have made pets of.



This one reminds me of the great animation of 101 Dalmations.lionandhalloween

The first one came from the early version of Lion King. The others were born just before Halloween, and we have a white pig of the family taking top spot.

teacup B

The fashion now seems to be Teacup or Micro Pigs. I think that these people should keep Guinea Pigs. 🙂


I`ve heard of a Wolf in sheep`s clothing but this was something else, whatever next.


Well i`m training my new Piggy to help me with the new Guinness adverts.

Have a great weekend.

Thank`s for the inspiration from ” piglove.wordpress.com.


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I have also had a small break from blogging due mainly to my move. Having got most things sorted I can now look for new material and photo`s.

earthstar S

I have collected mushrooms for many years but have never seen one (Earth Star) in the wild.  while preparing the soil in my new garden I found three of them. Looking in the Mushroom book I find that although they are very common, not very many are found. The positive thing is that they only grow in places where there is a lot of humus and vegetable matter in the soil. I`m hoping to make a good veggy garden here this year.


And one of my favourites:-


When they come to say ,Hello.

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I think sometimes we must be like TV and repeat a few things that we liked in the past.  There have been many people following from one site to another.  I first went to BLAT, then IBLOG, then LETTERDASH and then MWEB, then finally WORDPRESS.  Many sites have closed so why not use material we published 2 years ago on another site. There are new people every day joining  blogging sites, so new audience.

wheelyboyDo you remember the user name for this Avatar-::::::>



This is getting more than a general means of gathering information on the subscriber, but a way of life. I think too many people are wasting their lives trying to pretend they have one. 🙂

cell drowning

First get the picture, it`s news in every tabloid across the country. What is a human life worth now, people are killed for a cell phone.


It`s also very easy to change any photograph, sometimes they are humorous,  other times just unusual.

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I found that smaller blogs are best as they can be read quickly


Have you had as much rain as we have.


Usually the cat is looking at the goldfish thinking of food, I wonder what the fish thinks.

drunk sign

I won`t make this political. 🙂

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I suppose you thought I was 200 years old, well some days I wonder myself. No it was just that I have posted 200 blogs on this site and the last one had the most “likes”. 🙂

I have tried to comment on most  of these likes in the past and am sorry if I missed you out.  It seems that commenting takes time, and time is money, especially when you use a Vodacom dongle. 🙂


Ambulances are also getting expensive in the Eastern Cape, but they are making a plan.


Due to the cost of petrol in the rural areas they also made a plan. Also two wheels are cheaper than four.


The urban areas seem to still be using petrol, these seem to be very good to transport booze from bottle store to shabeen.


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I am finally at my flat by the sea. It has been a good move and we are nearly finished setting up house. I now have a dedicated computer area. The only downside at the moment is I am back to using my Vodacom dongle. I haven`t made any new material for blogging yet but hope to start soon. I am going to see Alice at the Wolf Sanctuary tomorrow as I have two bags of Acorns to feed to the pigs.


Otherwise how will they survive. 🙂


I will be going to Ocean Safaris to see if they are putting any boats out today. I need some different photo`s.

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