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I finally got some photo`s from my phone to the laptop. I thought that this blog should be mostly about the animals. There were 11 dogs, 2 cats, 2 pigs, 1 parrot and 20 horses. This may seem a lot domestic pets but I was further surprised when taken on a drive around the property and saw the number of different buck running wild as it was a game reserve for one of the old governors.

horses pig

The pig bellow was given to the owners when it became too big to be kept in a town house.  When it arrived a few months ago it was so overweight that it only moved to get water. Now its lost weight it usually joins the other pig with the horses, and usually shares their food.

petpig pe

It doesn`t look like my potbellied pig as it has a long snout just like the smaller one, and a slim belly.

2013-03-29 18.26.06

This is the first time I have seen a full size horse and knight  wearing jousting armour in a house. It used to be in a restaurant in town until they closed.


2013-03-30 06.29.13

I found this Griffin very interesting but there were no live ones around.


2013-03-30 06.58.57

After all this thirsty work I found the built in bar, CHEERS. 🙂

2013-03-30 07.27.17

I finally got a shot of one of the cats, the Persian one was not so friendly.

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I spent a great couple of days in P.E with some friends on a farm that was in excess of 200 acres. A year on my Daughters farm I now know what a farm is really like. i have not managed to get the 150 photo`s off my phone yet so they will have to be a latter blog.


I did however find some very interesting cannons, as that is one of my hobbies. looking at the top left of the photo is the harbour where we had a very good meal. It is not as easy to get into the harbour here as it was in Cape Town due to the security at the booms.


This is the view from my friends office window, it looks great. I went into the town centre but was very disappointed because I had not been there since 1994 and it looked very neglected. Many of the old shops have gone and been replaced by ones that i have never heard of. There are also stalls built permanently on the walk ways. The industrial area seems to be very empty and neglected but was told that they are going to make the buildings residential.


The Toyota Cowrola seems to be the transport of choice on the outskirts of PE. 🙂


After the storm on Tuesday evening it was difficult to get the car washed.


I thought this bumper sticker was quite good because I smoke.


If you want a cold beer, don`t do put it in the freezer for a quick cool off.  Although the liquid left is pure alcohol, it`s only 4.5% of the whole volume. This was found out many years ago when a friend put a box of wine in the freezer overnight and we drank it while camping. After the first couple of drinks we were probably drinking pure grape juice, but by then the damage was done.   🙂


I think this happens to us all eventually.:-)



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I have found that a cellphone will activate my blog if it is saved as a draft so I will try it when i`m in P.E.


This I got for my eldest Daughter as she is a shopperholic.  Now i`m buying useless things. 🙂


These bats were caught on camera by luck. They fly so fast that i just kept flashing the camera. from 100 pictures of complete black , I got these.

diving birds

At first it looks like they are committing suicide, but they are just fishing. They are better at fishing than me, I use a rod from the beach.

dolp longflight

This one wanted to get in the boat to dry out.


We get a lot of petrol heads on the TV, would you call him a radio head..

hump breaching

Going out into deeper waters we also observed the Hump Back Whale breaching, they are much bigger than the usual Southern right we get in the bay.


Hermanus used to be the only town with a Whale Crier but sadly he is no longer employed.  He used to blow his seaweed horn like Morse code and the visitors used to know where to look for the Whales.  The one before him had a much larger horn and it was ear piercing if you stood too close.

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Here are a few photo`s of my trips to see the Whales and Dolphins.  On going round the local coast we found other interesting places and animals.


The Orca or Killer Whale only comes here twice a year and only stays a few days.


Due to the distance we were away from this Whale it was taken on zoom.

OS boat

At this time we had stopped and lifted the engines as there was a Whale under the boat. I  have photo`s of it passing which I will put on my next blog when I return from P.E. latter in the week.

I see in the Sunday Times there is an article that backs up the theory that humour is a great thing in a family. 🙂


When I first saw this I didn`t know if it was a cat with wooden legs or a lollypop.  The cats name is Pirate which made me wonder. 🙂


These are the only ones you will find on this farm.  I`m doing a repeat like DSTV. 🙂


Was this sign in Jo`berg or Cape Town ???

bat mouseThis has political implications maybe, like government and masses?  Not funny really, it`s like the naked chick picture..:-)

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Well it looks like my free trips on Ocean Safaris boats may be coming to an end.  This town seems to be dieing due to the economy and lack of visitors.  People can no longer afford trips, plus wages have gone trough the roof with no extra commitment. staff levels have had to be cut as a local business man has set up shop in the area and is undercutting prices.


The things I had only seen from the beach before but to be up close is awesome.


It`s also interesting how many different tails there are. The main danger is that sometimes they don`t know where it is and people have been accidentally injured.


For my usual bit of humour I have a fishy story for the Animal lovers. 🙂


Have a great week, and smile. 🙂


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This brought back memories of the mid 60`s when all the scantily dressed or nude bodies had nipples and private parts covered with a star. I remember thinking at the time that this must have really confused the younger generation. Can you imagine their first sexual experience when they ask their partner where the stars have gone. 🙂


There is another thing that indicates your age. If you ever saw one of these then you must have seen the beginning of TV in South Africa or been in Europe in the 60`s.  These were the days when you had about 12 controls at the back of the TV to set the picture. Now we just switch on and watch.

test pattern

This coin is probably worth more as scrap. When this coin was made you could buy something with it. (Two boxes of matches) 🙂


This problem has been in the news a lot lately.  They now seem to had a radical cure for this illness, traditional medicine. 🙂


I bought a dummy for my youngest Grand Daughter which I thought would lighten up the mood of her parents, as she used to cry a lot.


That was the packaging…………………………………..

This is the real thing……..

neav doc

Look Mum I grew some teeth today, why wont you breast feed me?      🙂

I must put this one in as it is very similar to one that was blogged on piglove.

pigy tiara

My older Grand daughter made this arrangement after I gave her the pig so she would be reminded of Alice, because Alice couldn`t sleep on her bed.  Since Alice has gone back to the Wolf Sanctuary it still has pride of place on her side locker.

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This is the most interesting thing I have seen since coming to this farm.  I know Prince is always catching Rats and other small creatures, as I have sometimes found them in the bath. This Bull Frog and his merry band of noise makers seem to be competing with the Cats. They are possibly the noisiest frogs around, they woke me up the other night. They made a sound like the geese were outside my window. When I shone my torch the noise stopped so I waited until it got lighter to find the culprit.

frog-catThese are some of the other shots of the frog. I think it`s a Bull Frog.




do you street signs also get vandalised ?  🙂

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I was reading a blog by Pig Love about the cats taking over the World. As the picture on this one was a bit dark i have used the previous one.


The reason I mention this is that I am being over run by cats at the moment.  I don`t mind them coming for a free meal, but it`s a bit much when they demand a different make of pellets. I tried them with sachets of soft food but they turn their noses up at it. They will not use the door or be picked up to the window ledge. they insist that they jump up to the window or on top of the cupboards. They love high places as they were all tormented by my grand kids at an early age.  Now the kids are all on holiday the cats have invaded my place.

When I move back to my old flat in town I think all the Feral Cats that used to be there have moved on as there has been a lot of building work in the last year.

I decided to try out my metal detector today before packing it away. It`s amaizng the junk you find in the parking place and driveway. I have probably saved myself a lot of future punctures as there were 17 nails found as well as some barbed wire that was used on top of the fence.

guard dog

I left the dog on guard but you can`t trust him if he finds the beer.


I think this cat will have to take over the job.

therapyHave a great day, I think the pets are going to take over the world 🙂

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This was done for me in the UK as my wife knows that I have an interest in the far east. Mostly to do with Martial Arts but it is a place that has always fascinated me. Can anyone tell me what the name was at the bottom of this artwork before I removed it?


This was the man that painted it.


the Police have a different way of dealing with strikers, they throw stones at them.  Maybe it`s because they must buy their own bullets. 🙂

police stones

This is the only Chinese lesson on this page. Try Goggle , they may have a better one. 🙂


Computers from China are now supplied with operators but they still seem to work the same. They really slow up at milking time. 🙂


Martial Arts Kent UK

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When I first say Larry at the Sanctuary he looked very fearsome.  He has some tusks coming out of the side of his mouth which look like he hasn`t scrubbed his teeth for a while.  After we had shared some fruit and nuts together he was quite amenable and escorted me round the petting farm.  I was surprised by his rough coat as Alice`s hair is looking short and smooth now.


This was Alice when she was free ranging on the farm last Winter.


You can now see the similarity, as I believe Larry is her son.

Prince seems to like to have a sleep on my couch after his day of hunting, he stretches out sometimes but will still eat when he wakes.


I have another animal that loves to nose over my stoop gate for breakfast, but he always has a long face. 🙂


He comes for his daily fix of bran that Alice left behind. what he leaves the chickens are happy to finish.

SM bird prey

I had a very interesting day at the Eagles Nest today.  It was very interesting as the handlers explained a lot about the different Birds of Prey. We were supplied with leather gloves and some meat and these birds landed on your hand.  I was amazed at the weight of some of these birds, i`m glad I was wearing glasses as those beaks looked quite dangerous.


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