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While walking on the beach this morning I found this fish which looks very much like the dried puffer fish that was found on a Hermanus beach.

puffer fishside

Below is the dried version that was taken with one of the first cell phone camera`s.


Does anyone know if they are the same fish ?

test pattern

Your age is determined  by the fact that you can remember seeing this on your TV.


This is self explanatory, don`t use Viagra.

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I thought this was great as it reminded me of a joke. It was Van Der Merwe taking a pig to market and he was stopped by the cops. He asked who his passenger was and the pig went oink. Latter the cop said to his friend ” that Oink Van Der Merwe is the ugliest one in the family.”


This is the newest commercial with my friend Maxwell. It’s so funny!! You gotta love that pig. One day when I grow up, I so want to be like him. My hero!!

Mommy *always* laughs when she sees this particular commercial. Yes it’s funny. But I don’t get why she laughs that hard.

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Whilst looking at some long range shots I noticed how mistaken you can get some time after the fact.


I was looking up and the skydiver was swinging.


This was taken with a telephoto during the daytime.


This was taken from a garden bordering on the landing site in the park..


this was not part of the Hobit cast, it was a little village i made for one of my grand daughters


Where this one came from I do not know, but it`s very interesting when I had a second look. 🙂



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My view of problems as as I advance in old age has changed quite a lot. I hear of people that have insurmountable events in their lives. i have always thought that by taking them one at a time and sorting them, they become smaller problems and not insurmountable.

You can try these first.


This thought came out of the blue.


Then you must think, some people have bigger problems.


If things get so bad that you want to shoot someone, use one of these.


But when you get to my age this is the only naked chick you are likely to see. 🙂


Smile at adversity and keep your sense of humour, even if others don`t understand it. 🙂


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Are you having problems with your computer?


Did you fix it ?

I usually make a ghost image when it`s working fine and restore it with this image when it gets a bit slow.


While I was waiting for the ghost image to load on my other computer, I glanced out of the window and noticed the squirrels were behaving strangely.. 🙂


Maybe they have just finished watching Star Wars, or sorting in the rubbish bags. 🙂

I was out on the boat again today and there was a Dolphins off the Keurbooms beach. Further along there were schools of smaller ones but no Whales today.







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I saw a painting on “piglove” and just had to put this in again. You should compare the two.

This was taken on my stoop when Alice decided it was supper time.


A pigs nose is remarkably soft considering that it can break ground that I can`t dig. It is softer than my dogs nose and just as wet.


This was taken during a Whale Watching trip with Ocean Safaris in Plettenberg Bay. This nose was not so soft as there were plenty of barnacles around it.



That was a close encounter !

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I was looking at some photo`s of Tiny and think that Grand children should never name animals. When he was a puppy he was quite small compared to Spike who was the resident alpha dog at the time. Spike has since passed on  now Tiny is the Alpha amongst 3 other dogs.


As a young puppy.


At six months and still growing.


Another anomaly for those people who go to gym to loose weigh and wonder why it fluctuates. 🙂


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