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It is very strange when you get to your seventies and still have so many things around you that you can`t think of a use for. I still have films from the 70`s that were taken with 8mm Kodak colour film that was cut down the middle and made 3 minutes of viewing. Latter came the analogue camcorder which had quite large tapes, this latter gave way to smaller digital tapes and flash cards. I am now going to destroy all this as it has been carried all round the world and never looked at. You can`t even give away old film cameras, even 35 mm SLR ones. I even put them on Gumtree as a collection of 8 cameras with all accessories and lenses but got no takers. These are about a quarter of the items.


As you may have read in many of my blogs especially since filming on the last two farms, that i have been fostering a Pot bellied Pig called Alice. She has been a remarkable pig and has taught me things about pigs that I had never thought of. She was a very good mother despite her size, and was very resourceful considering she had no experience. This was baby Alice`s first day.


We were under the impression that she was a Baby and as the weeks went by and her pot got bigger it was assumed she was just getting to be an adult. unbeknown to us she was older than she looked and was pregnant. This was not discovered until much latter when I got a text from the groundsman Given, when he stated that Alice had delivered 4 live piglets.


It is very strange now when I look at Alice and see how large she has grown in just over a year. When she was feeding her offspring we fed her very well so she could feed them. I`m thinking now that maybe she was fed too well after they were weaned and she settled into everyday life. I suppose it`s like when we had a dog,he tended to get treats more often than he should. Lucky lived a good life and endured the quarantine when going to the UK, he died in 2002 at the age of 12. We came to see our Daughter soon after and brought his ashes to Tokia Forest and sprinkled them as he loved it there as a youngster, as did we.


Over the last year there have been many promises of having her covered or going to a place where she could be with other pigs, which made me happy. It is not easy when she comes into season every two or three weeks because she is very difficult with other people. I have now been told that she will be going to a pig farm owned by an uncle of one of the tent employees. I hope this comes true as she is not very happy with the ponies trying to make friends with her. There are also Geese that soil her water and bedding which is a lot of extra work and stress. Although they do go on the dams they still want to come around the house, I wish they would fly away. 🙂

I have been blogging for many years but I think this will be my last for a while, as I want to sort my webpage out.

Also on          http;//whitewolf.iblog.co.za

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Judging by the response to blogging maybe the Mayans were right after all. 🙂

Since I was a kid in the 40`s people have been prophesying the end of the world, it`s a bit old hat now.  It used to be some one thumping a bible , with a sandwich board around the shoulders saying ” The End of the World is Nigh “.  If the Mayans were so clever, how come the couldn`t  see the end of their own civilization. Seems like 2012 people are still looking for freedom.

freedomBut after seeing and listening to the ANC conference on TV, that could be the great catocism that was depicted. It looks like we will have more of this in the new Year.

police stones

Police reduced to throwing stones at armed strikers.

Maybe see you after the holidays, if we are still online. 🙂


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Piggy Digest.


As I couldn`t think of anything to put on today after hearing the news from CNA conference I thought what a good set of teeth this pig has.

evolution As with the Peter Principle we elevate ourselves to the limit of our incompetence.

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Have you ever tried to copy and paste a blog onto another site? I do this very often and found it very time saving as it saves rewriting and uploading the same pictures. When you have written your blog in ” Visual ” click on ” text” .  Save this in ” Word” and it will look like this…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

New House, New Thoughts.

Buckingham Palace didn`t even cost R250M when built and the road was already there.  The new road joining Nkandla to the R66 wil cost another R1.2Bn.   Is this the reason for having sleepless nights thinking about the poor.  Just think of how that could have uplifted the poor in that area, and there are many.

<a href=”http://whitewolf.iblog.co.za/?attachment_id=1237&#8243; rel=”attachment wp-att-1237″><img alt=”zuma queen” src=”https://promethios.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/zuma-queen.jpg&#8221; width=”400″ height=”272″ /></a>

This was found on Facebook during one of my rare visits.
This is a sample of the first part of an earlier blog as it would have taken up too much space.  this format if put onto another site , as is, it will look the same as the original. Sometimes the spacing is different on other sites so some editing has to be done.

I used this idea to make a webpage but over the years some of the sites closed . This has left me with a problem as only the text remains and i must now find the photo`s in my archived hard drives to rectify this.  This problem can be seen by clicking on this hyperlink.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

As it will soon be Christmas I will put one of my last years cards  on this blog. 🙂     It`s from  Madam and Eve.


You can also print this label and stick it on a bottle of wine.  Or just get an empty clear bottle, fill with water and put a few drops of yellow food colouring in and seal. It all depends on your sense of humour. 🙂

christmas label

I`m hoping to get a nose job or facial reconstruction this Christmas.


I must get one of the dogs to rehab during the holidays as he`s not been the same since he went to the kennels while I was away.

dog avitar

Holiday snaps are very good for the family album to look at and revive memories.


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I was looking at this photo  taken last time I went to the UK.  The banking system was very good compared to here. I closed one account and opened another in a different bank and it cost me nothing.  When I use my card for a Debit transaction I pay nothing, here I pay R2.80 per transaction and it`s the same bank. Here I pay to put money in and pay to take it out.  If we had a sign like this here we would probably have a riot as it would be misunderstood by the majority of people.

Digital Image

Free Cash Withdrawals above.

I was impressed by how clean the supermarkets and surrounding areas were.  Th e parking areas were also very well marked out with certain areas for people with children in prams to load up. The parking bays were large enough to open your door without banging the car next to you.  Salisbury`s  car park in the UK was larger than the one we have in Plett for a whole shopping complex.

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Buckingham Palace didn`t even cost R250M when built and the road was already there.  The new road joining Nkandla to the R66 wil cost another R1.2Bn.   Is this the reason for having sleepless nights thinking about the poor.  Just think of how that could have uplifted the poor in that area, and there are many.

zuma queen

this was found on Facebook during one of my rare visits.

christmas workout plan

This one was sent to me by a friend and I thought it was probably all the exercise that a lot of people will get over the festive season. 🙂


I`ve heard of landing with your ass in the butter but Alice just likes cool water. I managed to make a wallow for her as the summer is upon us. She loves to lay in it and cover herself with mud. This keeps her cool as they only seem to sweat through their nose and mouth like dogs. She is in eastrus again, which happens about every 2 or 3 weeks. She gets very stressed and has to cool her rear end.


Whilst doing this she looks like a roly poly pig.  This is probably were they got the mould for the Piggy Bank.





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I know some one who want to export these to Holland but  I would have thought they are probably bead there already. I find them very amusing and photogenic as we have quite a few pairs here on certain parts of the property.


I found this quite amusing as the owner has put spikes on the PIR lamp to stop the pigeons resting, so now they make their nests on top of the shutters.


I found an old drip tray from a hot water cylinder and put some soil and water in it for Alice to have a wallow. She loves it on hot days but unfortunately so do the geese. I will never understand geese because they swim in her water bowl and drink the water from the wallow. 🙂


Be very careful closing the boot in the dark, you may be very sad in the morning. No animals were injured during making of this photo. 🙂


up close whale

Two nosey parkers,,I wonder if the`re related ?  🙂


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I don`t know whether the cat is just showing it`s prowess or if it`s bringing food.  This mole is the first one that it has brought into the house.  i wish it would rather go after the Rats that come for the animal feed, but I think they are too big for this cat. She has only been hunting for a short while and usually plays with the prey of the white Cat.

cat mole

The other cat has started smoking and has evolved into something strange.


Some things never change, a bit like governments. 🙂


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Anyone that saw a blog on Alice at the begining of the year will remember the house that sprung a river. This is the same canopy that has been power washed and a raised wooden floor fitted. It is now forty millimetres off the ground and has a raised wooden roof as the sun is getting stronger. I fitted blinds as the sun shines in towards mjd day. If it gets too hot in there the windows on the side can be slid open.

The front is blocked half way across to make an entrance which faces a Banana tree and her wallow.


That turned out to be a days work because the wood had to be unscrewed from a batch of unwanted structures. I dragged the canopy up from it`s old resting place at the bottom of the property using a tow line on the back of the car. This at least the base stops water getting on her bedding and has a double roof to cut the noise of rain or hail.


The dress code was a little different when I was a biker. 🙂

There are several forms of transport, which do you think is best for the environment ?

833_longest_bike_16 (1) The multi-motor bike.

limohorse (2) The Limo Horse.


(3) Or the proverbial Bakki.

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The cat was eyeing the goldfish, I wonder if it looks this size to the fish?


Even kittens have entered the technological world or are they just curious?


When I took this I thought they would come down in my garden in a tangle. When speaking to them later I found out that there was a difference of nearly thirty feet at that time. They often drop in for a braai sometimes but then one of the wives has to pick them up in their car.


I would love to try this one out one day.


My wife thinks I should stick to cars. 🙂

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