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I have always though of Potholes as an inconvenience but it seems the Anglers have found a use for them.

This one had to be used for the local car wash, the problem came when we wanted to drive away.

I just made a portable braai and we tried to take it to the picnic spot by the river. The traffic cops wouldn`t allow us to go any further as we didn`t have an army escort.

Please read the second link below to find out ” WHY ” . But first the government must buy me a boat to get to the Island, It used to be Robben Island.

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I received a very strange email yesterday, the thing that made it strange was the detail.  I have put some links on the page because most people do not want the details.

Nkandla Freeway Corruption Potentially Exposed…

Much has been said, fought and argued over the funding of the R250m Nkandla Compound, and rightly so. But what’s received little attention is the funding of the freeway set to run through Nkandla following the development of the president’s luxury compound. This freeway is set to cost R1.5bn, so this is no small chunk of change, so Mybroadband’s amateur, volunteer, investigative journalists gave it a crack and uncovered what appears to be a case of corruption on an arms deal scale. Here’s what we uncovered:


Full email with photo`s, Click here…

Well that`s out of the way, I was asked to pass it on as it seems to have been started by a blogger.





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As the main theme I notice that today seems a yellow day, very sunny and bright. There is plenty of ground her for my daughter to was and dry the tents. If you want to see how and where they are erected click on the photo. http://www.mavericktents.co.za

The area is not without its yellow flowers also.

Another thing worth looking at is the Bungi jump, this is one of the vehicles getting supplies at the supermarket.

Although a digest is usually short I just had to Pig out on this one.

The pig is still having to share with whichever feathered friend comes at meal time.

As the ground is so hard here due to stones and clay I decided to make a wallow out of the drip tray from the old water cylinder. The problem  now is that the 5 geese love to drink and sit in it. But as soon as Alice comes towards them they flee.

I`ve been told by my Wife that this looking after the pig has changed me.

Enjoy, keep smiling and enjoy the rest of the week. Weekend will soon be here. 🙂

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I spend quite a bit of time wandering on the beach and around the farm with either a camera or phone. Having become a compulsive picture taker since getting my first digital camera I like to put  some on my blog. I store what I think may come in handy on some spare hard drives for maybe using latter when I feel lazy. The first two are for seeing the short video of our local sea slugs that reside in the lagoon.

The first one is a candle , but this beach is very windy which has made most of the wax flow into the sand.

Looking on my computer station I still have an ashtray left from my disastrous time of making things with skulls. I made sword sticks, ornaments, ashtrays and general talking pieces, but the theme was wrong so most have been given away.

Whilst photographing the Seals at Robberg Beach I didn`t notice that there was a Caracul in the picture until I saw it on the computer screen. Below this rock the seals bathe and lay in the sun.

A bit of humour always goes down well, although mine is considered weird sometimes. I often wonder when out in the Whale Watching boats if these Southern Rights are curious or intimidating when they come up to the gunwales like this.

There is one thing that I am certain of and this is that Alice only does this for more food, usually treats.

It`s a good job pigs don`t fly or perform the shower song..

I suppose there must be a joke here somewhere……………………………….

Be very careful where you take your photo`s they may offend some people. 🙂

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Being a bit lazy I put all the colours on one picture. It`s is a mixture of Orchids and a place in the UK called Maidstone. This was a strange thing because when I went into Argos there was no snow on the cannon.   Latter when I came out, the town looked like a Christmas Card. 🙂

The last photo is my idea of a Parliamentary discussion of no confidence in said government. 🙂

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This is part of one of the 3 dams on the farm. It is usually green but lack of rain has made the foreground a bit brown.

I was looking round the edge of the dam and noticed that the bees are back.

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now if you are using Fire Fox from Mozilla you probably have never seen this screen.

But you may receive a few of these from people using social networks..

Don`t stop for anyone as hijacking is on the increase.

When you are looking for a dog walker, don`t get one off the net. Although they do seem to bond.

Have you ever felt in a bit of a pickle when looking for a holiday home, then this is the place.

There are a lot of these flowers growing on the farm in the bush, but I haven`t Googled them yet.

When I was in Pretoria the streets were lined with Jacaranda trees, but this is the only one I have seen in Knysna.

No Animals were injured or stressed during the making of this blog. 🙂

Have a great day, and smile because people will think you know something that they don`t.

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You can only laugh at local politics as no one seems to take it serious, especially the politicians. It seems the quickest way to make the top spot is to have been in jail, check all the presidents in Africa. Politics in Africa is Black Humour. :-).

There seems to be a difference in dress code, especially at weddings.Is this how the masses see the government?

He gave a lot of pleasure to kids, why not put him on a stamp?

How long before our money looks like this?

I really think they should enter the games as they always get gold, buy a gold mine and don`t pay the workers or get 15 years jail and be out in 5 months, that must be a world record.

A local ANC protest 2012, this looks like it should have been pre-1994. Has no one told them the Apartheid government has been replaced?

Another of Zapiro`s cartoons.

No wonder these Indaba`s are costing so much, look what they are mixing with the Jonny Walker green label.

These are the new issue fire arm for government employees. If you have any problems with armed attackers you can only be charged with suicide.

Leaked information. Wiki Leaks…….

Found in government toilets.

As our shops are full of Chinese goods it may be just the beginning so start learning the new world language.

The African Space mission landed in the Eastern Cape today.

Because it cost the tax  payers R200 Million. You can`t see all the other buildings now as they are underground.

The changing names of roads and towns seems a little wasteful sometimes, don`t you think?  This sign doesn`t work either, it`s a language problem.

Enjoy your week and laugh at what you can`t change. 🙂

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