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I must explain that we have a large number of animals on the farm.

The dogs and cats are having a bit of a problem sorting out dominance.

The dogs tried all the tricks of pretending to be great friends.

This was met with a bit of agression from some cats that thought this was condescending


The cats even tried to fight the dogs with their latest armoury.

One of the dogs that has just come back from rehab decided to give them a happy shot as he isn`t into violence.

One of the cats was seen to be taking off in a bit of a hurry to find normality.

At least the pig is happy with the outcome.


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I remember reading an article on what to call the national flag, one of the sugestions was ” Ama Flapper Flapper “.


there was also a lot of references on how to treat the Flag. This is quite amusing if you see what the government does with it. Scarves,  Shirts and dresses seem to be worn by many, which is in contravention of the list of rules.

Another interesting thing is the naming of various clubs, we have ” Bafana Bafana “, and ” Manyana Manyana ” , Boys and girls to most of us.  Then we have ” Ama Glug Glug ” do they train on Beer?  Then we have ” Ama Crocker Crocker ” is that for the old people or the disabled team ?

They now have renamed the Cricket team ” Proteas” and want to change the Rugby Springboks , which are known world wide. They could made it a South African household name by calling it  ” Zambuk Zambuk ” as a majority of households have used a tin at sometime in their lives.

Less than a Year ago this Pig sat on my lap in the car when we moved her.

Have you ever tried to bath a pig this size ? I have today. I am looking after a Vietnamese potbellied pig for my Daughter and she loves to be brushed at l;east once a day. She was developing a lot of what looked like dandruff so I thought it would be a good idea to use some organic shampoo on her. I brushed her over one side when she laid down I brushed warm water over her and massaged the shampoo into her fur. This worked very well until I started to wash all the suds off of her and something spooked her. I then had to follow her around the car park with jugs of water to rinse her off.  The other side will have to wait until tomorrow when she has calmed down.

Is this where we go to when we get too old, to do what we desire that makes us happy?

Woouw there’s one for the book.

You may have to read this twice.

I`ve always wondered about Evolution, it would seem that the middle 5 could be left out. The other thought is , why has evolution like Darwin describes stopped. Then my thoughts were interrupted and I was told  to be careful about re-writing the history books.


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Life is never boring, unless you want it to be.

How did your day start ? Was it on the stoop watching the Sun rise, with a cup of coffee and a camera.

The finally it pops up over the mountain and I start to feel the warmth of the sun.

I found this in an email last week and thought how happy the Royal Family seem after all the publicity. They are obviously putting the ” nude photo episode ” behind them and carrying on as usual. Plenty of family photo`s.


That`s Photoshop for you, not like the one below.

You can mock anyone in the world , so long as they are not our government. 🙂

I heard that they have found a way to stop crime in this county, “ Make it into a Government Department“, then it will never work.

This was on a blog, so maybe it was also Photoshoped.

Someone said “what`s the problem, we both have black presidents now.

This is not the alarming part of computerisation.

The alarming thing is that it`s easier to photograph a drowning, than calling 911 and being put on hold. You then have the evidence to prove how they drowned.

Hoping my humour didn`t offend anyone, but I took a walk on the beach anyway and thought of captions for these objects.

(1)  I have only found these Sea Slugs in one part of the lagoon.

(2)  Someone had a morning coffee before me.

(3) And they brought their dog with them.

(4) another erupting volcano.

(5) Is that you under there Julius.

(6) I don`t know which way to go.

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Most days start like this , or so we think. There`s still a bit of blue sky up there, so there`s hope.

I don`t think when they made these bikes they ever thought it would carry 9 people. But then again I remember some of the things that I carried on my bikes and latter on cars.

While going through the Seal colony at Robberg Peninsular I looked up in the rocks and saw the allusive Caracul. The only other one I have seen  was in the Arbour at Tokia many years ago.

This pig was born like this but the owner in China trained it to walk on it`s front legs. When Alice  was young she used to stand on her back legs and scratch at the gate when I went to feed her.

It was a very light Sunset or I over exposed it. Red sky at night cant be all that bad either.

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Man who wants pretty nurse, must be patient.

Passionate kiss, like spider web, leads to undoing of fly.

Lady who goes camping must beware of evil intent.

Squirrel who runs up woman’s leg will not find nuts.

Man who leaps off cliff jumps to conclusion.

Man who runs in front of car gets tired, man who runs behind car gets exhausted.

Man who eats many prunes get good run for money.

War does not determine who is right, it determines who is left.

Man who fight with wife all day get no piece at night.

It takes many nails to build a crib, but only one screw to fill it.

Man who drives like hell is bound to get there.

Man who stands on toilet is high on pot.

Man who live in glass house should change clothes in basement.

Man who fish in other man’s well often catch crabs.


“A lion will not cheat on his wife, but a Tiger Wood!”

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Today I watched the first fight between the pig and a broody hen. unfortunately I was not quick enough with my camera as it was very unexpected.



This all came about when my daughter asked me to go and have a look at the chicks that have just been hatched by the broody hens. Well as usual the pig followed me but was chased away by one of the hens. The pig didn`t have much chance to fight back as she was surprised when the hen flew at her using its beak and claws. All was forgotten in a few minutes and things got back to normal.


Since they both watched the latest video they seem to have forgotten their differences.


This little piggy went to the orthodontist who claimed to be a pig lover.

Have a Great Week.

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Just a spot of jelly humour. The underneath looks like some aliens that we see on cheap video`s. When seen from the top it could be a new type of UFO. It was pointed out that maybe it was Juju buried under the sand. What are your ideas ?




Email:— whitewolf1@live.fr


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I  take too many photo`s according to my Wife, but with digital it`s not a problem because I just delete them if they don`t make a blog.

I was watching this bird from the stoop thinking maybe it was a Sparrow Hawk when it decided to land on one of the trees at the far side of the dam. Looking through the photo`s I had taken this one came up on the screen. I enlarged it as big as possible but still thought it was a monkey.

Only when seeing the next picture on the screen and checking the tree did I realise it was the Hawk from a different position.

Looking around the side of my car and found the cat had been hunting. well she is keeping the rodents down. If you have animal feed you will have rats, so we have 4 cats also. 🙂

Taking a walk round the dam that I see from my stoop I see the usual suspects, except the mother Duck now has some youngsters.

The other birds seem to be too busy searching for food. they seem to be a cross between a Hadida and the White Ibis.

Today we were treated to a display of old biplanes. But they still landed faster than I could focus my camera. 🙂

On walking back from the flight path I noticed this footprint, it is the size of the palm of my hand. I found some spoor that was too large for Alice so I was wondering if this print was from one of the big baboons that I see in the area, what do you think?

Alice is still looking for a Hog, but hopes you all have a great weekend.

Alice seems to be growing by the day.

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This will be mostly photo`s with a few jokes thrown in. sometimes I get the urge to do more than two blogs a day as I find it relaxing. The other reason is that some days I don`t even get the internet, I am trying to sort out my old Wardriving antenna`s out because I think I am too far away from the main house.

This was my first experiment.

WiFi Dish.

WiFi Dish.

As my DSTV dish is no longer needed I have decided to use it for WiFi experiments.I started moths ago with a sieve as a reflector to improve my WiFi signal, it has worked very well especially when mobile. Being some distance from the wireless router I am using the signal keeps dropping.

Signal keeps dropping

Signal keeps dropping

Because I keep loosing the signal I now use this setup with a small sieve as a reflector. In the center of the sieve I fitted the dongle attached to a USB extension cable. When this was fed into the laptop I had a steady signal. I am now waiting for my local shop to get me a dongle with external antenna fitting then I will experiment with some small hi gain antennas. Can be seen on my Webpage, just click her.

Here are a few Bat photo`s done in the garden with a Fuji Film Camera camera with flash. The problem with this camera is that I can`t use the flash when on telephoto. These pictures had to be blown up from pea size objects.

This was the original.

A few things struck me as funny when I was in London last year.

First, what happened to good old fashioned beer. It seems its not good unless it`s Organic.

Then next thing was that you couldn`t smoke anywhere under cover of the rain. which makes it difficult for smokers. there are even notices up on all station platforms stating “ No Smoking” so why was this Steam Train puffing smoke all over the Station and adjoining flats.:-)


Enjoy what`s left of the Weekend and Smile if you can.

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As I said not long ago, it never stops raining where you don`t need it.

As soon as it stops the pig seems to want to be my car guard

The windmill is still standing but its just indicating the wind direction at the moment as I have to modify the generator.

At last we have access to the internet again, or so I thought.  The problem is that I still can`t get on all day or every day which is the same as before when we had whispernet.  The signal is quite weak as I have a cottage away from the main house.  I will have to use a reflector that I made a few years ago when wardriving was the in thing.

This is one of the orchids in bloom at the moment, every one is different even the plain colour ones.

Finally remembering Alice when she was just a little pig.

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