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The ponies arrived this week but only the small one gets ridden. The big one is either skittish or jealous, as it tried to bit me and the pig. The kids had to ride outside the field because the big one pulled the one kid off. Anyway now they have a saddle that fits the small one so maybe they can stay on while being walked around.

The ponies haven`t chased the Hoopoo`s away so we still have plenty of wild life.

And the air plant hasn`t been eaten yet. I used to have a lot of  succulent plants but the pig eat them the first week I tried to make a border garden round my stoop.

Evolution is a great thought but did Darwin get it wrong?

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Have you ever thought your glasses need changing?   I went to the opticians the other day with my Wife and found out that i have worse cataracts than she has. Anyway I got these glasses before my last driving licence application. I thought that it would get mine updated but  I was told that my glasses were OK. I don’t feel like going to a hospital for cataract removals as don`t have a good opinion of the medical service, even private hospitals don`t have a terribly high scale of fees.  That`s the problem for all of us with a small fixed income, no medical aid and no discount.

That`s sorted my glasses 🙂  now what`s my Wife going to say when she gets her`s.

You know you’re getting older when…

Everything that works hurts, and what doesn’t hurt doesn’t work.

You feel like the morning after, and you haven’t been anywhere.

Your little black book only contains names ending in M.D.

Your children are beginning to look middle-aged.

Your mind makes contracts your body can’t keep.

You look forward to a dull evening.

Your knees buckle and your belt won’t.

Your back goes out more than you do.

You sink your teeth into a steak, and they stay there.

You know all the answers, but nobody asks the questions.

You look into the mirror and see a parent looking at you, it`s just you catching up.

I read in a survey that these pictures cause people to stereo type old age.

I`ve just discovered I must have missed that part of old age.

This was sent by email, it was all made out of vegetables .

You can only laugh at life,  enjoy your weekend and make the most of your time.

This happens to me every time I go to sort my workshop.

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I think I have too much time on my hands at the moment as I keep finding new material to post.  Noodles was back again and is still very curios about Alice, she cannot understand why this funny dog wont play with her. When Alice decided to go to her bed noodles tried to join her and was repelled with a very loud snork and a push with her large nose. The new ponies are still very skittish and chased Alice from their paddock after she followed me there.


The end of another day, getting back to normal again, all our visitors are on their way home tomorrow.

If the wheels of justice would only go so fast.

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I was taking a walk down to the Dam very early this morning and managed to photograph a blue crane on its way to have breakfast.  I `ve seen them wading in the shallows feeding and drying their wings in the sun on the banks, but never got a good shot of them from up close. On making an Animation and playing it back, they look like they are walking like an Egyptian.  (as in the song )

Animation made with 20 frames.Watch the neck how it folds back and pushes forward.



These are two of the stills taken with a cell phone camera.

Way on the other side of the dam I noticed a bird in the trees. As we have quite a lot of Eagles and Hawks around the farm I made an enlargement of the speck on top of the tree.  What do you think it is ?

Just for fun a bit of copy and paste……………………………..

You`ve been warned…….

Proof that junk food can change your body shape.

So please don`t feed your babies on this………


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I was thinking today that I have been copy and paste for my last few blogs, that was something that I have always thought was cheating. Fortunately it seems to ha attracted more visitors.  As they say ” you can`t please all the people, all of the time. “.  I was just wondering , as an experiment , I think I must do a mixture of both and see what happens..

Has anyone tried to put a .gif image on wordpress like you can on iblog ? It doesn`t work because you can only upload  .jpg or .png  Avatars. I put quite a few on iblog and other sites as they attract more attention and therefore more comments.

Although I have only heard these frogs in the night , they are now in the swimming pool. the pool has just been drained to repair a leak and i have just been out to save it being caught by the cats. After getting it out in a small bucket with my young grand daughter watching on, I thought it had been a good job done.  However as I brought it to the level of the safety net, it leapt out of the bucket. Then all pandemonium broke loose as she ran screaming across the garden. This than caused every one to come from the surrounding buildings to come out thinking that she had been hurt, when everyone saw the frog they saw the funny side of it. i took it down to the nearest dam so I shall probably hear from it tonight. 🙂

I read a blog today on dogs being cleverer than humans, her is one that likes to imitate.  I have always been a dog person but since my dog ” Lucky ” died I  haven`t replaced him, it`s not because he can`t be replaced. It`s just that when you get over 70 you don`t want to leave a pet behind that may not get the same attention by others. I have sort of inherited a Potbelly Pig named Alice who seems to be exceptionally clever. I have never tried to interact with a pig before so it has been quite an experience. It started when she was found to be pregnant and had nowhere to sleep. She is over a year old now and usually follows me round the perimeter of the farm every day. I think food is the main thing in her life and she loves it when i find her some acorns.

This is only in France , I think here would be the equivalent of Jacob or Julius. 🙂

Here is a novel way to use your old 2 litre coke bottles, making a true South African sandal, any other ideas to save money. 🙂

This seems to be a very familiar quote when you really have nothing to say, LOL. 🙂

I think my Wife`s telling me I`m playing too long on my computer, she suffers from  technophobia  also. 🙂

Enjoy your week and keep smiling, it`s less painful that way.

The headers don`t take .gif either. So I`m stuck with the nappy loader for a while.

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At last 100 posts..

This Gas Braai causes quite a blast when we arrive at picnic spot down by the lagoon. The barrel end is very good for venting the smoke and is quite good for pointing at would be trouble makers. When it smokes as there is a fan at the end so the smoke is extracted. 🙂

I hope this guys brakes work, but then speeding isn`t a problem. He must have a terrible rust problem though.:-)

I think this will beat any fancy diet. 🙂

This may be a good sing to put on our new road with built in potholes.

There are video`s of this road on youtube and one of my older blogs ” Alice and the New Road”.

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I am having a rest from blogging as such, and am just copying and pasting a few things from the old hard drives. I hope you find them as interesting as I have.

She was in such a hurry to do both that she came into the Gents. Cell phones mess with your brain!

When you have a cell phone the first thing is “take a photo” ! Cell phones mess with your brain.

People have to be on a social network to communicate ? Cell phones mess with your brain!

On a lighter note I have some Cat Facts.

I wonder what the top speed of a mouse is ?

Now this Cat looks a lot slower.

And this one`s a lot wetter.

And this one`s a lot happier. 🙂

If you love all animals , try these.

The Caption says it all.

You know what they say about Rabbits?

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The National Cricket Team were caught in training the other day and seem to be working out as expected.

I am busy with a project at the moment so am spending some time in the workshop instead of blogging,  so I am doing mostly copy/paste with some old pics.

The Original ” Crapper ” as designed in the Victorian era  c1900.

A luxury ” Crapper ” designed for Parliament c1995.

Roadworks ” Crapper ” made by the same company building our road in Plettenberg Bay c2011/12.

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Due to unforeseen circumstances this blog will just be copy/paste.



Enjoy your Weekend !


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The farm has been a bit busy this last few days. The addition this week has been two pony`s for the grand-kids to ride. They are going to get a saddle today so they can carry on with the riding lessons.

Some friends of ours came to stay on their way to the Eastern Cape and brought their dog ” Noodles “. She is a very curious dog and had great fun herding the chickens,I have never seen a dog move them as a collection. Normally when  I disturb them they run in all directions.

The dog got on very well with the other dogs and cats on the farm but was very curious about the pig.  The pig was OK until the dog wanted to share pigs house.

They had a bit of a standoff  as the pig was not used to such a small dog being so brave.

They then circled each other like boxers for a short while.

As usual doggy protocol won through and Noodles though she would find out if the funny dog was friendly or not.

Latter when the pig was having a brush, Noodles decided to find out if the funny dog was just playing dead.

As usual I must have my dig on potholes. I thought the potholes in my road were deep but a friend in the Kruger Park sent this picture.


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