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This may seem drastic but is it any worse than going to an illegal circumcision camp. πŸ™‚



I have problems hearing my cell phone above others in crowded places, but i saw this joke on a blog. I put the gun sounds from my computer onto the phone but that has caused problems in the supermarket. As I was going through the till my wife phoned me, this caused panic as the people saw what probably looked like a gun in my hand. I managed to calm the security guys down after explaining, but they asked me to please switch it off when I shop.


I took my dog shooting the other day and he seems to have a phobia about cats. By his interest it was easy to read his mind.



Next doors dog came into the workshop yesterday, I think she has been watching some of the old SciFi films and become a Trekky.Β  Beam me up Scotty things are getting weird around here.



Scotty, please beam this cat back up, she doesn`t play by the rules of ” dog chases cat.”



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I was looking at some dog pictures and decided to rename them as they were just called unusual.

Panda Dog.

Tiger Dog.

Wiener Dog.

Mop Dog.

Punk Rocker Dog.

Bird Dog.

Botox Dog.

He`s just keeping an eye on things.

So don`t stress enjoy your weekend.

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Have you ever thought that most bloggers only blog when they are at workΒ  because most hits are between 9.00 and 17.00.I am lucky being retired for the last 12 years so I sometimes write at 5 in the morning. I wrote a lot of blogs that are still on my computer some are from my other blogs which got no comments.

Only in Africa can tyres be too expensive. Are DIY tyres on the increase or have they always been here ?


A closer veiw.


The D.I.Y. tyre.


I see that the SAPS has renamed people in the service with military posts. πŸ™‚

Then you can always go to the Sangoma but it will cost you, even an email.

Or sometimes you get some sh1ty ideas.

Or you could end up in a spiders nest.

Have you heard what happened in our kitchen?

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We have quite a few baboons on the farm but they seem very wary,by the time I got my phone out they were half way to the next field.

I had to build a shack quickly for Alice as she was flooded out at her old house.

We went for the usual walk but the dam was empty, so I had a smoke while she had a drink.

there seems a lot of unusual fungi growing on most of the tree stumps.

I presume these are deer foot prints, does anyone know which kind.

Do you notice that you cant buy many local goods anymore, even in the UK most shops only sold ” Made in China”. The reason is that the profit is higher on importing goods from China, especially when you can buy clothes by the bale as secondhand and then pack them in plastic packets and sell as new.

Hows your day been so far, just waiting for the weekend?

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Thank`s to all who have taken the time to view my blogs and commented.I was pleasantly amazed that some have liked more than one post. It is very difficult to please so many people who have different expectations. I found it very difficult putting these Avatars onto one frame as they were so small.

I have tried to thank all but some emails do not seem to work, but take this as a “Thank you card”.

This puts a new meaning to the words “Double Parked”

And my favourite “Pothole Problems”

Do your children behave strangely after watching TV?

Be very careful when you look in a mirror.

I see Mr ET is all grown up and back looking for the “A-Team” who have some computer parts.

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Did someone thing the birds can read the sign? It`s been there for 10 years and replaced 2X. πŸ™‚

You will! eat that bug, it will make you grow.

If you want to hear recording of the school answer phone, click school below
<a href="school“>


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After writing a blog on Potholes earlier I came across this old joke.


This was bumpy road pre 1994. If they must put this on all the roads with pothole in now, in 11 official languages they would be 10 metres tall. This would inpede trafic and make the country even darker. But pre 1994 I dont think we had so many potholes? πŸ™‚

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In many of my earlier blogs Alice may have been portrayed as my pig, this was a misconception. My Daughter actually bought the pig from the Wolf Sanctuary last year. I took on the responsibility because she was too busy, having a family and a business to run. I think that Alice has had a varied life that has sometimes has been hard. I used to visit her very frequently, especially when she gave birth to her 5 piglets, one of which was still born. They were given away as pets after a few months. One of them lives nearby and is taken for walks on a leash. Alice however was too old to do this with but I got her to follow me around with a few snorts and a pocket full of Acorns. Now I stay on the farm and see her every day. Since the births she comes into season every month and for 3 days she is very strange. She is a very stubborn pig and tries to bite every ones feet at this time. Since the heavy rains the other week she has been flooded out of her pen and I am now on my second temporary shelter for her. This last one is next to my stoop as she has decided to sleep next to the food source. Yesterday I heard that she will be going to a nearby farm and be integrated in a breading program so will not be blogging on her progress anymore.

I have learned a lot about pigs in this last year by reading and being in the company of Alice. Although she follows me wherever I go on the farm she still has a great love of foraging for roots and greenery. I have to wait sometimes, sitting on a tree stump for a while until she decides to move on. Pigs like to dig up their own roots because when I have got them for her she very often wont eat them. They are very good food clock, she knows as soon as the sun rises I hear her at my gate snorking for her breakfast and again before the sun sets. I will be sorry to see her go and will miss making interesting meals and shelters. My biggest worry is that if she does not breed well she will be Christmas dinner. Pork will never be the same again.

On a lighter note here is a bit of photo Shopping.

These are a few Avitars from Letterpress that caught my eye.

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potholejoke.jpgClick on pic to enlarge.

Have you ever thought what the road workers think when they must repair them?

they have been making a Chineese road close by. before they started there were a few potholes but now we have holes that will fit my number 4 Potjie in and you would still have a pothole.How can a new road crumble to these depths, it`s down to the filler in some places.

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This was taken with a cellphone camera fitted to the rear view mirror, still illegal.

These photo`s were taken with a cell phone on the N2 going into Mobray in Cape Town. It looks like this is now taken over from “Train Surfing”, or is it just a preliminary test of the transport system before the School Buses start.



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