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First think , is it funny or just weird?

Well the dog saw the funny side, but he hasn`t got any teeth.

The German Goal line ,this was topical during the match but is now forgotten.

I don`t know if this is pig humour or she just wants to share the mud prize.

Thats the second time today and I think a joke is only done once.

Enjoy your Weekend and keep smiling.

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Seeing the photo below it looks a bit flat and has not got very much colour in the insects. It does however bring out the detail its always better to experiment if you have time.

Then the same subject was taken in natural light.

Then I  placed it on my hand to see if the skin tones came out.

The problem with seeing colours on the screen of my laptop is the angle of the screen. Seen  from a top angle the subject looks lighter.

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Multi Strikes .

Multi Strikes

This was done with a slow shutter speed but there was more than one strike at a time.

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The mushroom season seems to be lasting a long time on the farm as I can still get enough mushrooms for a double breakfast. I did a blog on mweb last year on  various ways of cooking them.

Cow Pine Ring

As much as I love the Pine Ring I gave this one a miss.

A cryptic wanted ad found in local newspaper.

After reading about the AU in the overseas papers I am not surprised……………………………………………………

As the driver has a burglar alarm and an mobilizer this seems a bit OTT.

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Out and About.

It has been a while since writing a blog, but hope now to get back into a regular posting.

The renovations have been completed and I have now set up a computer station. The Wifi is reasonable stable so I can get online without relying on my Vodacom dongle. Living in a rural setting it was quite unreliable and expensive. I like to put as many photo`s in my blogs as possible as words sometimes dont do the job due to the translation.

However the cats a very happy with their new surroundings.

Since my last blog on Alice the Pot Bellied Pig she has now decided to come into estrus every month. When moving to the new farm it was decided that she should be left to roam and a canopy from one of the vans was used as a shelter. After many weeks of having the lawns and gardens dug up and people being chased at that time of the month, it was then decided that a pen should be built.

I take her for a walk in the bush every morning and it is quite an education, she finds me edeble mushrooms and is very protective. There are 3 dogs on the property and I think she has learned to bark from them, or maybe its a bellow. for her size she is very fast and will chase things that make a noise in the bush. Before the pen was built she chased my car from the gate to the cottage which is about a half a kilometer at a speed of 25 kph, I would be interested to hear if these traits are common in pigs.

We have plenty of fynbos around the farm and the sunsets are very good,we also have a couple of ride on lawnmowers.

These are two of my favourite mushrooms, the orange Pine Ring and the Parasol , there also seems to be  a few anthills. I have not finished exploring the grounds yet but have built up quite a large stock of photo`s.

Enjoy your week.

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