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A few days ago I found the mother dead on the lawn, she had no obvious injuries but may have been scared to death by the kittens. The amazing thing is that the three remaining Fly Catchers still come for their cheese ration, and a few bugs from the bushes. The male seems to be doing a great job of rearing the two offspring as they are now bigger than Dad. I tried to get a shot of the young with their mouth open so dad can put the food in. These were as close as I got, so far.


The one on the left has its mouth open already.

feading1 feeding2

These were done with a sequence shot so are a bit out of focus.


Of coarse as soon as the cheese comes to the table, so does the waggy.

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Cameras for sale or swap.

I have a lot of photographic equipment that I would like to get rid of. due to downsizing and going digital my cameras and lenses are now obsolete to me. I would however like to make a few Rands to get some equipment or exchange some items.This one below is a Miranda Sensorex with a built in light meter and interchangeable lense and view finder. This camera has 35, 50 and 400mm lenses, plus 2x and 3x converters and 3 view finders. I still have a bulk film dispenser as I used to take a lot of photo`s and a 50 meter can lasted about a month. As I did all my own developing and printing it was quite cheap.


It has what was termed an automatic lens, it connects with the exposure meter.
It has a quick release on the front of the lense for the filters and hood.


If there is any interest I will put the rest on, even if its just nostalgia.
The old equipment was usually well made of aluminum and had a pure leather case.
Nowadays its all made in China with cheap plastic. This camera I bought in 1963 for R100.
It has traveled many thousands of miles and is still in good condition.
the last time I used it was for a magazine article and the quality is far
better than my digital camera.

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