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Bats eat in trees sometimes.


If it`s too big to eat in flight they hang upside down in a tree and eat. When the prey is on the ground they make quite a noise when they hit from above. They sometimes catch prey on the lawn, like crickets and grasshoppers. They are so fast that I am going to have to use electronic methods to photograph them.

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A small selection of home made walking sticks.
A small selection of home made walking sticks.

Because I have always spent a lot of my time outdoors and usually on the beach or in the bush, sticks have always been part of the equiptment. I have made so many i cannot count them. Most have been given as gifts and are in daily use. This collection goes from swordstick to knobkerry. The one that looks somethning like a hippo`s head was a branch that I found on Muizenberg mountain after the fire some 40 years ago.


The long skull is not finished yet as I want to work on it with my dremmel, to give it teeth.


I used the same mould as I did for the other skull stick, except rotated it so the skull went down the stick,and easier to hold. the other skull I use mostly on the beach as its lighter and very good for moving kelp, to see what is washed up.

Update:– I have since found a set of small flashing lights amongst some Star wars Laser swords that my Grandkids threw out. They were just the job, the next skull has the LED`s in the sockets, the small electronic pack with batteries fits in the base of the skull. The lights do not flsh until the two metal pins at the top are tuoched by my hand..These are connected to a very simple touch switch. A small microswitch was used on the prototype, they are 5 mm square and 2.5 mm thick. They were taken off an old PC board.

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These are some time delay stots of the night sky. The straight one is a shooting star the other has not yet been explained. These were taken in Cape Town many years ago on black and white film which was rated at 1500 ASA. I was taking pictures around the Southern Cross with exposures of a few minutes.You can see the effect of the Earths spin by the elongated star tracks.

This next one was sent to NICAP in the USA who do research into Airial Phenomena. With this comparison you can see it was traveling faster than the spin of the Earth. I sent a copy to the newspapers but they contacted CSIR and they said it could not be published. At that time there was a UFO reported landing in Beufort West and it was fired on by the SAP, so they were sensitive times.


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