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This is another joke that came out many years ago when photocopies used to flow thick and fast round most offices. Pre- cellphone days when you could go out and not be disturbed until you got home again. There was a survey done a while ago that found that in 50% of cases at least one of the people involved in the call, was on the toilet at the time. Crap, I hate cell phones.

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Today I had quite a laugh when I asked one of my grandsons who was born on Christmas Day. First he replied “It was God”. I told him that he must try again, he then told me that he couldn`t tell me because it was a swear word.
It would appear that the name “Jesus Christ” or for the sensitive “Cheese and Rice” the words are being used a bit too frequent for them to understand there is no connection.

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As recession bites even the ” Malls ” are getting smaller and moving out of Town. They obviously get lower rates here and do not nead parking bays or security guards. :-))

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Today there are 18 weaver nests.

Today there are 18 weaver nests.

After reading the blog by Fletcher I thought I would share this photo of the noise and mess problem they cause above a swimming pool. On the right hand side near the top is the Hadida`s nest. It used to be very quiet when they first moved in, but their neighbourhood was taken over by Weavers. They are very quiet until a female is seen in the local trees and then they perform and make a lot of noise hanging upside down on their nests and flapling their wings and screeching.

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Whilst in Plett I stopped off at the Birds of Eden. This sanctuary is recorded in the Guinnes Book of Records as the biggest free flight aviary in the World. The park is 23,000 sq/m in area and is covered with 3.2 ha of mesh and weighs 80 tons. The highest point is 50m above the canyon floor, other parts vary from 2m to35.4m . This structure is supported by only 28 masts and 100km of cable. Although there are only 1.2km of walkways there are a lot of rest points where you can sit and watch the birds. A few hundred metres from the exit there is a place to sit and order food and drink. whilst sitting there we had birds stealing sugar packets and a white Parrot decided to sit on my shoulder. The staff are kept busy with squirt bottles trying to keep them off the visitors. Most of the birds are exotic but there are a lot of them that have lost their fear of humans so it was a very interesting time.


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