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Having just moved I have come across a lot of old photo`s and memorabilia. I came across a lot of 8mm rolls of film and realised that you cant even get a projector anymore except maybe in a junk shop. I did find one a few years ago but could not get the lamps, so I put the films away again. I may try to convert them to video. Looking through some old photo`s I found these from the 60`s. Those were the days when Traveled around Southern Africa on a motor bike with camping gear and a camera and felt safe. It is a shame our youngsters can not do this anymore, it was a wonderful experience which I will never forget. Although most of the memento`s went to school with my kids as school projects but still have some left. If I was to try the party trick of putting my feet behind my head now it could be a disaster. As for going around Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) on a motor bike with all my belongings, well that’s out too. Also on the way back to Cape Town I stopped off to see some German friends of mine (about 30 of them) and we had a braai in the mine dumps in Germiston. The fire was made of whole trees and old telephone poles and the party lasted for 4 days.

Rhodesia 1963

Rhodesia 1963

Feet behind head

Feet behind head

Mine dump party

Mine dump party

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After drinking a few of these the night before, I awoke with a bit of a hang over. They have quite a high alcohol content like most English beers. Not counting the legless lager in the gold can that you see being drunk in most shop doorways.


I went to the Chemist for some Panado for the headache and he suggested a pill for my left over feeling. Panado`s

I know what to do with, but these were something else. So I asked what doI do with them, and he laughed. Then he said if you don`t want to swallow them you`ll have to put them where the sun don`t shine.


Then I went to pay him for the medication and he said, you can put that there too, where do you come from? South Africa.


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These photo`s were taken with a cell phone on the N2 going into Mobray in Cape Town. It looks like this is now taken over from “Train Surfing”, or is it just a preliminary test of the transport system before the 2010?



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A small selection of home made walking sticks.

A small selection of home made walking sticks.

Because I have always spent a lot of my time outdoors and usually on the beach or in the bush, sticks have always been part of the equiptment. I have made so many i cannot count them. Most have been given as gifts and are in daily use. This collection goes from swordstick to knobkerry. The one that looks somethning like a hippo`s head was a branch that I found on Muizenberg mountain after the fire some 40 years ago.


The long skull is not finished yet as I want to work on it with my dremmel, to give it teeth.


I used the same mould as I did for the other skull stick, except rotated it so the skull went down the stick,and easier to hold. the other skull I use mostly on the beach as its lighter and very good for moving kelp, to see what is washed up.

Update:– I have since found a set of small flashing lights amongst some Star wars Laser swords that my Grandkids threw out. They were just the job, the next skull has the LED`s in the sockets, the small electronic pack with batteries fits in the base of the skull. The lights do not flash until the two metal pins at the top are touched by my hand..These are connected to a very simple touch switch. A small micro switch was used on the prototype, they are 5 mm square and 2.5 mm thick. They were taken off an old PC board.

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