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A sorry looking set of phones, but they all work. What do I need an iphone for, no one will want to steal these.

I have a selection of cell phones because I have never thrown them out when they are out of fashion. The first one I got was when I was in the UK, it is a philips that is blocked for BTcellnet. Being used to how it worked, and being robust , I tried to get it opened for local use. They told me that it was not worth the R100 for them to do it. That wasn`t a problem as I was given my first Nokia with a backup battery. This served me for many years until the battery got a bit loose and sometimes went off line because of it. I then got a Motorola because it did what I needed (phone and text) and it was on special. Then yesterday I was given my latest Nokia by my duaghter, which has a camera, so it will be easier to get pictures for my blogs. Today I got a USB cable to download the info off the camera, but I had to get my son to set it all up. The CD that came with the cable was a 30 day trial and did not seem to allow a connection. all is fine now and my complete phone is backed up on a flash card.



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above-sand-flatsThis is a photo of the Lagoon was taken from where I am blogging today. As usual I take a walk along there early every morning if possible. There is always something new to see, these slugs are nearly 200 mm long. Click on” SEA SLUG ” inbetween the photo`s and you can see a video of the Sea Slug. They appear to be remarkable animals and blend in quite well with the fine weed that grows here.

Front of Sea Slug.

Front of Sea Slug.

sea-slug CLICK THE BLUE.

Top of Sea Slug.

Top of Sea Slug.

Underneath Sea Slug.

Underneath Sea Slug.

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Now if this were modern day English Hieroglyphics, this would be “Hi there “. But as you see below egyptian Hieroglyphics are different. The original ones had no vowels. The ones used in the Pyramids were very often a combination of sound signs,pictograms and ideograms. That is why they were so difficult to translate. Everyone saw them as different text and meaning.


This, if decoded from the table below could spell ” Water “. As you can see on the table below some of the letters in the English alphabet have the same hieroglyph. This is a simplified table, the hieroglyphs in the pyramids were much more involved and symbolic.


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Brainwaves have been altered in many ways over the centuries using many different methods. Africans and North American Indians have done it with flickering fires and drum beats, usually to obtain a state of excitement and violence associated with a battle. In the East it has been used to cause a religious fervour usually with music and girating.


In the modern era and the advent of electronics it is very easy to alter the brain waves, now we know their frequency. Below is a list of these frequencies and their uses and effects.


There are quite a few ways these waves can be altered, the main being visual and acoustic. The visual method can easilly be done by feeding the output of the brainwave monitor to some LED`s set into a pair of glasses. The acoustic method requires only headphones to be plugged into the monitor. Deap relaxation can be obtained by using the feedback as an indicator to lower your beta waves. Deap trance states can be obtained with training. The reverse can be done by increasing the rate of certain waves to cause excitement. Nausea and vomiting can occure when these waves are taken to the extreme.

Last blog with similar theme. Link.

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Your body is filled with electrical impulses that can be used as communication. This circuit although quite old, still works after 20 years. The gain of this little op amp has a gain of 300,000 which is able to drive a transistor amplifier or radio. It was originally wired straight onto the volume control, but can be fitted with a jack plug and used in the microphone input of any amplifier. Just be careful that there are no high voltages on this input, if possible use a battery operated amplifier. The electrodes are small copper coins with flexible leads soldered on. Sometimes using a piece of cloth soaked in salt water and wrapped around the coin improves the contact.


Placement of the electrodes on the body is important; usually they should be 100 mm apart across a muscle. Contract the muscle and you will hear what sounds like static. To listen to your heart place the electrodes 130 mm apart on either side of your heart.

I also still have the brain wave monitor working, which was an improvement to this circuit with filters for the Alpha and beta waves of the brain.

With the brain wave monitor other filters were fitted on a rotary switch, 5 in all, with the 6th one used for pulse.

Biofeedback was the next step and a audio output was fed from the monitor through headphones to the subject wearing the electrodes. They were then able to control their beta waves and relax more.

Free Electricity, Earth Batteries. Link.

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WiFi Dish.

WiFi Dish.

As my DSTV dish is no longer neaded I have decided to use it for WiFi experiments.I started moths ago with a sieve as a reflector to improve my WiFi signal, it has worked very well especially when mobile. Being some distance from the wireless router I am using the signal keeps dropping.

Signal keeps dropping

Signal keeps dropping

Because I keep loosing the signal I now use this setup with a small sieve as a reflector. In the centre of the sieve I fitted the dongle attached to a USB extension cable. When this was fed into the laptop I had a steady signal. I am now waiting for my local shop to get me a dongle with external antenna fitting then I will experiment with some small hi gain antennas.

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During the morning, these aptly-shaped shadows all point to the western side of the bridge.
Coincidentally, this is the side near which the Houses of Parliament “lies”.

This was a Londoners caption to the picture, have we got a bridge near ours, if not I must take my camera and see what the railings do in the sun.

Westminster Bridge,London,UK

Westminster Bridge,London,UK

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