How did this happen ?

Whilst cutting up a Butternut Squash these seeds were found growing inside of it, has anyone seen this before ? Some of the shoots had green on them which usually only happens when exposed to light ?

2017-04-11 12.32.00

A lot has happened in this last few days, but in my opinion it should have happened years ago after his first blunder.


And thats what he think`s ofย  RSA.


With or without him, the sun will still rise …………….


Have a great day…………………………………Don`t make a mess of it……….



Smile, it`s happened :-)……

We have just got another power outage so i`m using my laptop as the battery is still full ๐Ÿ™‚

. I never go on `Facebook` so that`s why I don`t get too many `friends`. My oldest Daughter is into` Facebook` every day that it`s like a drug. Personally I think it`s strange that they spend so much time writing about their lives and situations, that there isn`t much time for living in the real world. I suppose some people would say that about blogging but at least that doesn`t take all day ๐Ÿ™‚


We seem to have quite a problem with potholes, but they are a world phenomena. Every country has them, it`s just some have an ongoing system of repair. Unfortunately this falls under maintenance and governments don`t like to spend money on other people, basically the tax payer ๐Ÿ™‚


This was in India.


On the way to the Airport in USA.


Down town Jo`berg or was it Cape Town.


Since the price of petrol went up there has been an increase in the sales of motorbikes. They carry more people , cost less to run, easier to park and it keeps the family together ๐Ÿ™‚



A couple of local signs that may need some explanation.

Some things don`t change.

051714_1338_4.jpgclipped palms

At least the sunrises are different every day which makes them very photographic.


Although Queeny was a feral cat she gave us two years of company. At first she was called `Beryl the Feral `. She was a very scrawny cat and would not let you get within half a length of the garden near her. Through putting food and milk down every day she became close and filled out to be like a full size house cat. When it came to food time she would come close and rub aggainst your legs and twine around them, but if you tried to touch her she would rush away. This suited us as she slept outside on a cane chair, but as soon as the window opened in the morning she would jump up an meow for breakfast. Last week she came back from searching the neighborhood and began coughing, because she couldn`t eat her pellets we had to get so Tuna and mash it , he kept that down for a couple of days . On the following Monday we got Paws to come and look at her, they decided to try and get her into a cage. that proved quite a problem with her being feral, but we managed it. She was taken away but they informed us a few hours latter that the damage to her throat was too bad so they had to put her down. the whole family seems to be have pet problems, my son cat `Tabatha` was run over and killed last Tuesday and my youngest daughter had their dog Gipsy die of old age.


This was `gipsy` three years ago when she still swam in the dam on a farm where she was staying.


After soaking this Sea Bean for over a week I decided to grind a bit off the edge to assist it to start sprouting. The closest name I can get is that this bean is some type of hamburger bean but when it grows we will find out where it comes from. Most of the Sea Bean info on the net comes from the USA so is difficult to apply.


The Tail of Two Dolphins

This is a pictorial story of two dolphins taken during a boat trip.


Lets make a splash.


Stand up and be counted.

Still from the hard drive :-)


Do you remember when this coin would buy a box of matches ?cows head

And I thought that only wild animals got mounted. Surely this didn`t need tracking ?


This little camera makes a good carcam and can also be viewed on my smartphone while shopping, so is better than an alarm. It`s used for divers under water and divers from planes.It came with a host of mounting attachments.



My veggie garden is looking like an advert for the Spear.


There are still some old friends that come to visit so all is not lost.


It seems that spelling in school is still a problem even though we have so many departments.


During the Whale season here we don`t get photos like this very often as there seems to be quite a radicle change in the whale population.you have to go quite far out in the bay now and most of the Whales are not Southern Right Whales like they were a few years ago.


It`s quite funny how a few years ago I was building fairy houses like this for my grand children and now all they want to see is a smart phone or computer. where do the years go to as you get older ? These photos have been on earlier blogs which seems to be a form of rambling but they are from ones that never went anywhere ๐Ÿ™‚

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year , just in case I don`t blog for a while ๐Ÿ™‚



Just for laughs :-)

Are any of these applicable if so lets have some answers.

(1) For black comedy I watch parliament on DSTV.

(2) What party is apathetic,nepotistic & corrupt.

(3) What party wants everything for free.

(4) What is the cost of 1kW of electricity.

(5) Can you grow enough veggies in your garden to survive.

(6) Do you remember the old tuning screen on TV.


(7) The new bra for the USA :


(8) If your wondering about this page, don`t ๐Ÿ™‚


Could we be Trumped also.


I`m sorry if these blogs are a bit long but I don`t blog every day now. Thank`s Fletch for your continued support over the years, I wonder where they all went after Mweb.

As the Chinese say “We are living in interesting times”.

Would it be any worse if we had Donald Trump as president ???????

Political Observations from DSTV

After watching the Parliamentary report on DSTV (which in my opinion is more interesting and comical than their programs) I concluded that the ANC has taken over di.uption from the EFF. For the ruling party they coudn`t even listen to the opposition but sang and catcalled.By the amount of talking done between them they were really not interested in being there as things had already been decided for them. (No impeachment and No secret balot)

Veg from the garden

The garden is still producing much more than we can eat, so quite a lot has to be distributed.

luckily a lot of my veg was started from seed as the local nurseries are a bit late with their seedlings, this not a bad thing as it allows me to get veggies before the season with less pests.I really think that if everybody took a bit of their garden and grew vegetables we could all eat good quality veg, not like the terrible pre- packed things they sell in our supermarkets that look about 3 months old.

todays veg

turnip 520gms 2606

Are these the same people who clean our streets ?

service delivery

Well I think we need a bit of humour now…….


the 50s


pothole-problemย  potholes do have a use !”ยฃ$%

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