I think with all the bad news lately I think so humour is needed. I love putting jokes on my blog as it is quite uplifting reading through them.



booer large


Just a bit of toilet humour.






I must start to look for some more jokes as some of these have been used before ;-) I haven`t written much today due to unforeseeable circumstances which I hinted about earlier.

The Berg Wind Plus.

This morning was great for the washing as we have a nice warm Berg Wind. Most counties have a variation of this warm wind that blows softly for most of the day. We usually get a good rain within a few days but in the mean time there is a lot of watering to do in the garden. We had another demonstration out side the police station this morning, complete with band. This was because there have been a lot of child rapes and murder in Blue Horizons. Most of the people were from that area and they don`t have a police station there. Kwanakatula is the closest one but I think they fall under Plettenberg Bay.

2015-05-23 11.23.39demonstation rape

I did manage a few photos of the sunrise this morning whilst having my morning coffee.

sunrise e2

First a long shot that has been trimmed a bit.

1telephoto sunrise 23

This was taken with the 4x telephoto on my cell phone. Although this one is only 10mp it`s much better than my old one which was 2 mp. The only problem is getting a sharp image like with a DSLR camera. Maybe because it`s difficult to fit on a tripod :-)

Dark Evening Blog.

today hasn`t been very spectacular but i did get photos on my cell phone of the morning sunrise and tonight’s sunset. This is a very short blog, but what can I say about it :-)


Looks like rain but it never came.


Still cloudy but still no rain, so was lucky and got some gardening done.

A Bolt fron the Blue.

This is what happens on overcast mornings, no nice sunrise.

Nearly every morning now the sun does not appear until it is quite high above the horizon out at sea. Sometimes it`s a shaft like this and sometimes the sun just shines through brightly and warms your skin.

After feeding the pigeon with seed I was still looked at with curiosity, or maybe was just asking for more food.

The veggie garden is taking shape now, but has been hard work. Some of the seedlings have still got to grow as some are still in pots. I made the beds by sinking plastic roofing down about 350mm which I cut up with a jigsaw. The path I made with gravel from the area where the temporary police station had their containers, which were used as offices.

Before I show the very disappointing sunrise today I would like to recommend my latest reading material. It probably appeals more to me and not 30 year old`s as I am nearer his age. This is a Swedish book originally but apart from the unusual name of people and places, the humour is great.


When I first saw this I thought the title was a bit long :-)


The sunrise was very dark and the clouds only parted about 10 this morning, otherwise it was just a glimpse of sun through a hole in the clouds.


I have just finished the waterproofing in the spare bedroom so maybe i can find some different material to photograph :-)

I was in the garden watching the sunrise when I became curious about a plant that has been growing for a while. Does anyone know what it is, or if it has any medicinal uses ?

2015-05-20 07.15.06sunrise

As we approach Winter the sun rises more over the mountains now. This plant has leaves like a Margarita Bush but flowers similar to the Lavender, it just doesn`t smell so good :-)


This is what the leaves look like.

micro flowers

These are the flowers taken with the macro lense after a few tries to focus it. I keep using the wrong glasses :-) During my waterproofing there is still time for a short blog, just to keep things going. I now have to go for a drive to get some more waterproof paint……

A Short Blog today.

I think I`ll start with last nights sunset. Sunsets don`t seem to be so  varied as sunrises.


I do quite a bit of reading in my spare time and this is the one that interests me today.  It makes very good reading and I was half way through it before I realized I  hadn`t had breakfast. It is either a very good story or i had a senior moment :-)

bbook im reading

Why is every thing now becoming computer orientated, it`s like when anything with GT on it was tops.

cig papers

Even cigarette papers now.


Or the British Summer or babies nappies…………………….


Enjoy the week, I have some damp proofing to do for the next few days, this was just a fill in. :-)

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