Films and Fossils.

. There has been so much to do lately with all the sorting of old boxes of photo`s and tools that are no longer needed. I had so much stuff that I could never find what I now need, so decided to thin things out. The first thing was to get all he photo`s and scan them to make a digital albumn. It`s amazing how many categories you have to make to fit them in so you can find them later.

This was in a rock pool near Hout Bay in the Cape and for years I have thought it was an interesting fossil. Having taken the kids to the beach that day I never got to putting it in the boot of the car to look at later, but at least I got a photo of it. Having looked at it enlarged I think it was best left for someone else to find.

Digest 305.

Due to a few personal problems I haven`t blogged for a while and I came to the conclusion that  it`s time to change names and content. Any suggestions on content would be very helpful, mine seem to have got polarized. I think that my scope is a bit limited where I am living so maybe I should search the web for good stories. :-)


As `Alice` is no longer living with me , the pig saga can no longer be used, although `Piglove` who goes under the name of `Bacon`still does a great job writing about her pets.



The feral cat `Queeny` still brings me presents but I haven`t got round to eating them, like she eats my cooked chicken.


The `veggy` garden is still producing and the food is much fresher than any supermarket, also cheaper.

feet behind head

I wish I could still do this without spending a week in hospital.

w cnt

Then maybe I could take on the new Cheif whip in parliament.

The State of the Nation?



Well the State of the Nation address started with a lot of controversy in parliament yesterday. First we had the objections about the jamming of cell phones and the the removing of the EFF. They did cause a long delay but JZ was asked months ago to reply and hasn`t done so yet.

w cnt

I wonder if the chief whip will use a` Cat o`nine tails` to keep order next.


The Jay Jokes.

Going with some of the most recent problems in South Africa there seems to be quite a few comedians on the net.

The first was an email that was sent to ESKOM.
I am sorry that I cannot pay my bill due to your load shedding as my bank account has gone into Stage 3 load shedding.
The other was from someone in Jo`berg to JZ.
Why must I keep paying my E-TOLLS ? as I also never asked for the road upgrades.

The old one was about the commemorative stamp that won`t stick, it was found that the people were spitting on the wrong side.

julius stamp

There is a very good book by Zapiro that has most of our political past in it.


If you can name these people, then you have followed local events.

Six of the same.

It`s amazing how deformed some veggies get in the garden when the soil is not prepared properly. I have found that the tomatoes have not grown so well this year , due to lack of sun and maybe too much horse manure from the farm. There were a few small stones and coarse compost left in the carrot patch which caused a few unusual results.


The squash and Patipans are coming to an end as the leaves are getting mildew on and the wasps are starting to sting the fruits. We have had a good season of cucurbits this year, Squash, Patipans and Cucumbers.


We have started picking them smaller now before they get stung, but they still taste good with a meal.


We are overrun with frogs but that is usually a sign of a good garden. I`m very surprised that the loacal feral hasn`t caught one yet, she catches a lot of rats, but I don`t know if they are from my garden.


While taking a walk along the beach the other day I came across this. I wonder is it`s some budding psychopath practicing ?


There are a lot of these Spiders around but they are just common garden veriety, very flat and move fast.


If you look carefully it can be seen that the fly catcher is doing it`s job. All spiders have their job to do in the garden and very few are harmful to humans. This was also taken with a cellphone so it`s not very clear.

Just a Digest!

I was reading a blog by fletcher about making dog biscuits which was very good. This reminded me that our feral cat the other day meeowed up at me while I was eating a peanut butter sandwich, so I gave it a bit, which never touched sides and she eat half of it before walking away. That made me think , as well as fish or meat flavors maybe they should bring out a peanut butter flavor J This is the first feral cat that insists on drinking milk every day, probably her mother weaned her too young.


In with my herbs I have Echinacea growing and hoping to make some drops for the prevention of colds and flu. I`ve been using the flower heads like the Chamomile but the books say you can use the whole plant.


I took this I some ones garden with a keyring camera, I think the price of weed has gone up or maybe they like it pure. That`s if they know what it is !?$#@


Have a great weekend.


Quite a lively Day.

Being next to a police station as least livens up our day. Yesterday we had a large team of convicts putting up a tent again, last time it was for violence against woman and children. We have had the minister and deputy here with a lot of other dignitaries stressing how the police are helping with crime and how help is needed from the public.

It looked like this as you come up from town.

This was looking up towards the stage. The security guard on the right has his holster like a gunslinger J

At least I can pick veggies today and listen to the music. I think they are going overboard with the National Anthem though.

This was taken in the UK 1994 but I don`t think the flag would be appreciated even if it is silk.


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