Free Newspapers are a Laugh.

These were some of the jokes in our local free newspaper called the “CX press”.


Things here are maybe just the same as they were a few months ago except i have finished off a few working cannons that have been laying in my hobby box. I want to take them down to the farm and video the firing of them.

working cannon1

I tried one of the very small ones out in the garden and it moved backwards so I have now fitted brass rings at the front to fix the restraining ropes,  to absorb the recoil.

Much of the Same.

I see that I haven`t written a blog for two months. What with the Geocaching and Metal detecting they take up quite a bit of time. I have also tried OLX to see if I could get rid of some things but that is so disappointing, in 4 months I have sold 2 items. Even photographing the sunrise is not so great at the moment, should I blame that on global warming too. When our President made his big oops I thought of bringing some pounds over to gain something on the exchange but the banks seem to have much lower rates than those on TV. Due to the sunrises being so dull this week i will have to put an old one on.

2015-05-29 07.06.39SR#

Below is a set of  .gif images

sunset gif9

Wishing all who look at this blog:-

A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

A time with Alice.

I found this picture of `Alice` when she was quite small.  She had delivered her fist litter by now and become a pet.


I had to build many different houses for her in the next few years. When she was first pregnant we thought that it was because she was a Potbellied Pig and was just developing. as she was so small and didn`t look old enough to have young. The problem is that she came from the Wolf Sanctuary and there are a lot of boars of all sizes walking free.


When I built a house next to my stoop she used to come every morning about 6 o`clock for breakfast. She would rattle the gate until I came outside. After breakfast it was a complete bushing all over her body, it certainly made the fir shine and it calmed her down when she was in Estrus. She would then walk with me round the small holding boundry like a dog, except I never tried a lead. She grew to be a huge pig but was always active. As you can see in number 4 she grew a long mane during the winter, which she didn`t mind me holding her back with when we had problems.If strangers came onto the property she would chase them barking like a dog, but would always come back when I whistled.Going from the gate to the house which was over 250 meters she could keep up with my car doing at least 30 km/h.


It was Alice`s morning ritual that got me into photographing the sunrise every day.

clipped palms

I`ve heard of a Dog in the manger but this looks like a goat.


Baviaanskloof for the Day.

Here is a map and some of the trails for 4X4 drivers and if you want to stay in a cave, there is accommodation. There is something rather appealing, living in a cave, maybe it`s like going back in time to the Stone Age :-)

The 4X4 trail from the top of the Kloof.

For accommodation there are caves that have been converted to B&B`s.

The metal detecting got mostly military bullets from pre 1994, a couple of more recent ones were found so maybe the military still use this place for training although I never saw any.

The only bullet head that was found was only the size on the nail of my little finger and was a ricochet.

These are the rest of the military finds. The next sites will have to be from the Boer war if we can detect there. I find that now I am doing more geocaching because my youngest Daughter is more into that than metal detecting. the two actually go well together but i put my finds into a cache for those who don`t detect.

i will start off with last nights sunset which was not as colorful as most of them, but it`s that time of the year.


We have had a lot of Paragliders around just lately so I took a walk up a little road nearby and found the reason, it`s the launching site.

paragliding take off

I also found a place to take a uninterrupted view of the next sunset.

robberg from house

Also behind the trees there is a nice rock formation that will be great for Geocaching.

rocky suprise1

The Red Moon from my Garden.

It is very strange that the Eclipse of the moon was called the Red Moon. In the photos I took they came out red on the photos until the absolute eclipse and then even the cine camera would not record the light. When looking through binoculars the moon was just in black and white. I woke at 1 o`clock and the moon was just a round ball but the wind was blowing so hard that I had to tie the tripod to a garden chair to keep it still. here are a few of the still photos I took between 1 and 7 o`clock in my garden.


If you are using a laptop the screen should be tilted back for best results.


I found that the zoom was too high on the first ones.

2015-09-28 05.53.56moon eclipse

This was taken on the other side of the house at about 6:30 and it looks like the clouds are hiding some of the Moon. Unfortunately these are not as good as seeing the photos from the web but this is what we see in our gardens with standard cameras.


This was a traffic accident that was sent to me from Germany.

Is the Weather Changing ?

I had a WhatsApp from my Brother in the UK and it is basically summer there and it was raining most of the day. Here in SA we have had very little rain so the garden looks great. everything in the flower garden is still giving a good show of blooms. It is probably the most colorful it`s been for a long time.

2013-11-27 14.02.09bokba2013-11-27 13.59.09

Some of the blooms.

2013-11-27 14.07.22pinkroses2013-11-27 14.01.30

The Veggie garden is also doing fine and has just had a few beds cleared. we have just harvested Leeks,Cabbage,Turnips.Beetroot and Sweet Potatoes. Most things are now in the sealing state although there are still a lot of Turnips, Leeks and herbs still on tap.


These are a few of the veggies from last summer which will soon be here. this year I have had to decrease the size of the Veggie garden as I couldn`t find enough friends and family to use them all.

2015-07-30 07.27.12

clipped palms

As usual I have put some of this months sunrises at the end of the blog.The weather is quite changeable, some days very overcast and others like a summers day. :-)


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