A bit of a surprise in the veg garden today, I pulled a few Turnips up for some soup and this one weighed 520 grams. the rest were about half the size. My Leeks are also OK for soup b the beetroots are very disappointing only 4 of them have germinated.

turnip 520gms 2606

I spend quite a bit of time on my computers and it is fascinating to see how some wifi outlets perform. I downloaded Vistumbler for free off the net and found it very good when driving round my area. In the early days there were a lot more open sights but now most people realize that this is expensive and not very good for security.

perfors wifi

This one drops out every now and then as the power goes down.


This not have the power but at least it`s reliable.

2015-05-20 07.15.06sunrise

Most of the sunrises this last few weeks have been very tame with very little color in them. Maybe it`s because of the rain clouds hanging over them. When it `s clear the only time you get a bit of color is as the sun comes up over the mountain, but without the cloud it`s just very bright with a slight corona of yellow.


Well it is a sad farewell from the Whales as they leave the bay. That is my last free ride on the Whale Watching boats as my Daughter and Son in Law have sold the business. Over the years I have more photos than I can put on a blog so I can`t complain.:-)

dolph shop

Even the shop is not decorated as well as it was, even the Dolphin skeleton has gone.

These were some of the sunrises I saw this week, most were like the grey one as we have had a bit of rain. i have been busy on OLX trying to get rid of a few hobby bits and pieces that I no longer need.My wife has also found a few things that she no longer needs also. It has been busy so I let my blogging time suffer. I tried putting them on facebook but had no replies. There is a second hand Plett on the web but have found it a bit difficult. Anyway I sold my lathe for twice what a local guy offered me so didn`t do too badly on OLX.

2015-06-14 07-tile

With not posting a blog for a while I thought my email wasn`t working but it was just no `likes` :-)

I think it`s best just to look in my jokes folder and see if there are still some I haven`t put on before.

booer large

drive carefully

Christmas in the UK, pre 1990


Strange number plate for a holiday maker according to most locals.


These people didn`t feed the dog before going on holiday.


Bakki made by company that is fully BEE.


Taking the night flight back from the UK I got a shot of the sunset, not as colourful as the South African ones though.


Sunset UK.


Sunset SA.

The trip back to south Africa was different this time. When I took the internal flight from Cape Town to George there was only 5 of us on the plane and they made us sit far apart. this was to distribute the weight evenly. ;-)


Up in the air at last.


It was a very quiet flight as we were all placed at widely spaced seats around the aircraft. we still only got peanuts to  eat and a small bottle of water.

2014-06-18 12.47.08

looking towards the front even the two flight attendants were not in evidence.

2014-06-18 10.35.27

2014-06-18 11.56.17

These are some of the first things to be seen in the Airport, when landing in Cape Town.

2014-06-18 13.30.53

2014-06-18 13.20.30

2014-06-18 13.20.16

After landing in George I was looking forward to the 80 minute drive home. I think that maybe I have watched too many Air Crash Investigations :-)

Most of these money making schemes don`t have any place in my life as I just take it as black humour.


Although this one is free it still isn`t worth downloading. According to the write up beneath, you have to move 3 balls. I wonder if that has anything to do with `the Spear`.

Zuma portrait titled The Spear

This can still be found on the net.

book cover

This book has some of Zapiro`s cartoons but nothing we don`t already know.

2014-02-11 15.51.25

Another book that just seems redundant as every one knows where the money went.

booer large

Has he changed parties or just changed the call? t


A bit of toilet humour to liven things up.

gunshots horn

I`m seriously thinking of doing this with some of the drivers on the road now.


If you get that feeling that you want to shoot someone, get one of these.


Last night i was at the lookout when the sun started to go down. you can see the Robberg peninsular on the right.

This lookout is at the end of my road and hosts the New Year celebrations because the fireworks are set of on the beach bellow. It`s about a 3 km walk along the beach and is best done during the winter as there is no where to get out of the sun.

Back to Chatham, UK.

Whilst in the UK I went to Chatham and it was street carnival day, there were quite a lot of wardens walking around. They had practically the same powers as the police and it was a very orderly affair. I had to walk to the old end of town to look in Maplins for a `bug zapper` as I had the last one in Maidstone. The first thing to see on the way from the bus station was a set of cannons which seemed a great plaything for the kids.

Then cam a side show which looked like the Aliens had just landed in a UFO.

Going up the High Street there was a guy showing what you can do with a computer/ printer combination fitted to a an electric gocart.

Further along was found a fruit shop where some delicious fruit was bought for lunch.

Going further into the older part of town I cam to a little pub but decided that I would give it a miss.

Two shops further on the shops had some strange names but when looking inside I thought I would wait for somewhere else to eat.

This is the walkway over the roads that I had to cross to get to Maplins in the old part of town which had more pawn shops and eating places from all over the world than the rest of town. This walkway was so constructed to be wheelchair friendly, but i`m not sure as I found it quite an exerting walk. Coming back it was easier to cross the roads on foot and quicker.

On retracing my steps after not getting what I wanted at Maplins I decided to have a beer and pub lunch at the `Prince of Wales.

I then went back to the bus station for my bus back to Maidstone.

It was put on this site 12 moths ago, so it`s what I call a lazy blog :-)


I have still put the sunrise photos on the blog as I still get requests. At the end I have put 5 separate photos.

animated SR5

Below are the 5 shots that were taken the same morning over a half hour period.

2015-05-29 06.54.12SR1

2015-05-29 07.14.17SR4

2015-05-29 07.19.38SR6

animated SR5

This is why they make good photos, everyday they change, even on the same day.

2015-05-29 07.05.00SR2

2015-05-29 07.06.39SR#

Have you ever looked at how your blog has varied over the years that you have been using it? out of curiosity I looked at mine and found that it had a 5 year high and is now in decline. WordPress seems to be the only one that you can check. My time on iblog before it was cancelled reached 2million but has now been set back to zero. I don`t use it much now as I can only reach it on other peoples computers or it gives me a `forbidden` reply, page 404. years I am

Joking about blogs.

There are many people now who consider blogs as jokes and the only thing in their life seems to be Facebook, twitter and all their variations. Although I have seen quite a few younger people writing blogs, the only problem has been commenting on their blogs because they want them sent to Facebook. When Facebook first started I started a page but don`t use it anymore as it takes too much of my time and dongle megabytes. Twitter and the other social sites seem to me that they are for people that use smart phones to text as they seem restricted by volume. I know that some blogs, mine included, seem to rehash the same subjects over and over. I do it just for fun and have quite a restricted area in which to photograph.

2015-05-27 SR 1

it doesn`t take long for the sunrise to change as these were only minutes apart.

2015-05-27 SR2

There are quite a few people t5hat email and ask to see things that they are unable to see as they are land bound. This is the reason for the sea life.


Orca teaching the calf to breach in the bay. These are not seen very often so close to the beach, maybe once a year.


This year the boats have had to go further out to sea to get shots of the different Whales.


i still like this one as it reminds me of the one below:—


I have never tried to feel the whales nose but the pig had a very soft nose which I found remarkable as they can dig quite hard ground with that nose.


Even though the whales are not in the bay now we still have a lot of dolphins.


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