Political Sunrise.

I always start with a sunrise because it`s the first thing in the day that brings up a discussion and usually forecasts the days weather. The winter sunrise is not very interesting because it rises up from the sea and there are not usually many clouds around.


This will be my last SA sunrise for a while as I will be traveling for the next month, so have to pack all this equipment.


I still remember Alice when she was a small piglet.


She later on had piglets of her own and treated them very well considering she had very little help.

julius stamp


Are these the new stamps and currency ??????????




A Day in Chatham.UK.

Whilst in the UK I went to Chatham and it was street carnival day, there were quite a lot of wardens walking around. They had practically the same powers as the police and it was a very orderly affair. I had to walk to the old end of town to look in Maplins for a `bug zapper` as I had the last one in Maidstone. The first thing to see on the way from the bus station was a set of cannons which seemed a great plaything for the kids.

Then cam a side show which looked like the Aliens had just landed in a UFO.

Going up the High Street there was a guy showing what you can do with a computer/ printer combination fitted to a an electric gocart.

Further along was found a fruit shop where some delicious fruit was bought for lunch.

Going further into the older part of town I cam to a little pub but decided that I would give it a miss.

Two shops further on the shops had some strange names but when looking inside I thought I would wait for somewhere else to eat.

This is the walkway over the roads that I had to cross to get to Maplins in the old part of town which had more pawn shops and eating places from all over the world than the rest of town. This walkway was so constructed to be wheelchair friendly, but i`m not sure as I found it quite an exerting walk. Coming back it was easier to cross the roads on foot and quicker.

On retracing my steps after not getting what I wanted at Maplins I decided to have a beer and pub lunch at the `Prince of Wales.

I then went back to the bus station for my bus back to Maidstone.

The Trim Trail.

Last nights blog was about happenings around the town, and kitchen. I thought that taking the dog to a nice open space would be a nice place to let him off the lead. The place I went to is what they call a trim trail. It`s a large open space with a lot of exercise poles, some for leap frogging, others for climbing on, and two types of parallel bars .


Leap frog poles, the sun was going down and the shadows were long so I didn`t take the rest.


This is Alfie after his run.

alfie trail

Then you must be very careful and keep plenty of plastic bags. Luckily the shops in the UK still give you bags for free.


This is one of the strange things that I have noticed since being here. You get a heavier fine for doggy Doo Dumping than assault or drunk driving. :-)

A Brighter Sunrise.

Yesterday was a bit rainy so the sunrise was a little dull. Today we had plenty of color.


Today early, when I had started the time lapse camera. There are two settings for the camera, one is 1 second and the other is 5 seconds. When I tried the 5 second setting it played back a bit too fast so I am trying the other one today.

The way the colors change during the sunrise is beautiful but is still too big to post online. I will have to upload the time lapse onto Youtube or Google latter.

Feral cats will always be that however they interact with you. This cat would never stay in the garden if it saw you and would beat a hasty retreat. She now parades within four feet of us now and arrives at the same times every day for breakfast and evening meal. She likes chicken scraps but we don`t have them every day but she eats cat pellets with gusto.

Apart from the odd saucer of milk she still prefers rain water to tap water.

We used to put seeds in a tray for two pigeons that also came every day for meals but the cat thinks they are a cat meal. J

Lucky for the pigeon he only lost a couple of small feathers. I think maybe the cat is losing it`s hunting skills.

There hasn`t been many good sunrises lately but this one has a lot of red in it due to the reflection in the clouds. With a digital camera I do find the color changing by focusing on different foregrounds. Has anyone else found this or is it just my camera?

There are not many Whales in the bay now and you have to go far out into the open sea.

The Orange Clouds.

Looking out over the bay there was a very plain sunrise today. Last night`s sunset was also not very impressive due to the sun sinking below the hillside and absence of cloud.

Sunrise with no clouds.

Very disappointing sunset unless you like whispy clouds.

I am very surprised that these Oranges have ripened as they get no direct sun. Although they look ripe I don`t think they will be sweet to taste, they may taste like lemons J

There is one thing with the rising of the sun, there are always clouds somewhere that will reflect the suns rays.

Hello Sunshine.

The sunrise was very uneventful today but still interesting. I took these with my cellphone and noticed that on the second photo there are ring emanating from around the sun, has anyone else had this with their cell?

Good morning.

15 minutes later we get the concentric rings around the sun ……..


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