Around and about Plett.

I did a few blogs on custom number plates last week and found they were mostly on high end cars. This one proved me wrong as I found one on a Bakki. It seems during holiday season people come from far and wide to this sleepy town.

This one didn`t have a special number plate but it looks like it is ready for the festivities.

It may seem strange but even when this feral cat has eaten her fill she still insists on a nice saucer of milk.

The weather has been a little unstable lately but there has been some unusual sunrises.

Unfortunately a cellphone doesn`t do them justice. I must not be so lazy and get my camera on a tripod so they are in focus. J

Cats and Bullets

Our Feral cat has taken up residence in the water bowl on the wall. Now there are two trains of thought on this, it either fits her body so she feels safe, or, she`s waiting for the birds to come for a drink. She used to wait in the nearby shrubs and wait for the birds, but never caught any as they were too quick.

After waiting for a while with no birds in sight she decides just to sleep there.

Going to Baviaanskloof was quite interesting as a site was found where the old SADF did their training before going into Angola. Some of the rounds are very corroded so have been there quite some time but show the two calibers used. Even live rounds were found as well as blanks. The blanks are unusual as they are made completely of brass in one piece. This is so the cycle properly on full auto. The ones found were for the older R1 rifle which dates back to the 60`s when it started out as the FN self loading rifle.

All cases found with metal detector.

This is the R1 blank the same as used in the FN rifle.

This appears to be a live round from the latter smaller bore R3, this is a basic copy of the AK 47 (AK74)


The sunset was not very colorful tonight, but you can`t win them all.

In the garden again.


Although the veggie garden is providing a lot of food the weather is very strange for this time of the year. The Patipans are prolific as is the Swiss Chard. Usually by this time of the year we have harvested many crops of bush beans and have plenty for bottling but I don`t think there has been enough sun. Although there are a lot of tomato plants, mainly beaf steak with a few yellow pear shaped ones. The smaller yellow tomatoes are quite prolific and grown right through to the winter. I have tried all types in pots and they grow very well. They were very good in the UK when grown in ` Grow Bags `. In SA they can be grown in potting soil bags with a bit of 2.3.2 mixed in. Two plants grow in one bag which is useful if you are in a flat with a balcony. Carrot seem to grow in most soils but it is best if the soil is fine. Green peppers seem to be growing better in pots than the ones in the veggie beds, but that is also their position in the sun I think.

Last year a full packet of Echinacea seeds were sown but only one plant germinated and has grown into a large plant. It seems to have spread since it was replanted into the sunny part of the garden. I am hoping to grow more this year so as to make my own drops or making tea out of the flower heads like with the Chamomile that grows in the more shaded areas.

Digesting the Change.

The town is very quiet now that the Plett rage has finished but the damage is still around. I haven`t heard of any deaths this year so it much better than previous years. This year they have got shuttles for the matrics to try and save on drunk driving but still some try to turn into one way roads. The local roads are not easy to negotiate, even if you are sober.

We had the usual power cuts today even though Eskom said they wouldn`t. I went to the municipal offices earlier to get a copy of the load shedding but they were unable to tell me as Eskom haven`t told them yet. I went to customer services who phoned through to Eskom and informed me that Eskom couldn`t send them and email as they had no power. I left my email address and was told when they get one from Eskom they will forward me a copy, we will have to wait and see.

My veggie garden is quite productive again this season but the Green Patipans seem a bit larger than the yellow ones. Maybe they have been left on the plant too long. Last year we only had the yellow ones but this year we got a mixed packet which has green, yellow and white, but they all taste very similar.

Last night we were awoken by singing and whistling just before midnight so I went out to see what the problem was. This went on until after 01:30 with much stick waving, singing and shouting. This morning I heard that it was a protest against the police because another child had gone missing and not much was being done to find this child. I just wondered why it wasn`t done in the daytime, a hundred people make a lot of noise that time at night.

Stranger than Fiction.

I was writing about Kurlian photography yesterday and thought I would show it in comparison to the touch pad of a laptop.

These hands were taken by using glass plate’s , high voltage and a digital camera.

These are finger tip impressions on the laptops pad, some computers don`t have this function or it`s hard to find.

Back at the farm I found one of the jumping platforms from the Bloukrans Bungi Jump, the highest in the world according to the Guinness book of records.

We were talking about selfies the other day, but at my age it`s better to ask Mr Bean, except he used a fire cracker and a tin of paint.


While we wait to see if the power will stay on, my sister in law text to say that their power is off in Hermanus. So much for no cuts today, my local municipality has not updated their webpage for blackouts since April, so it`s sit and wait. It always seems strange because every time they have a blackout more cable is stolen. The other day we had a 4 hour blackout and 2 hours later we had another 4 hours, surely they could do with just 4 hours in one suburb. Last week when we had the 12 hour blackout we had to use a whole pack of fish fingers as the fridge started to defrost. As my son couldn`t cook at his flat we sat in the garden cooking them over the gas stove and making sandwiches with them. The police had another dark night locked up in the station with only tourch light to keep them company. I have never known a police station to have no lights for 4 hours, at least it stopped the alarm which has been going off for hours the last few days. I thought I would put the moaning bit at the end. J

Power outages and comedy.

With power outages and blackouts were not a problem when I was a kid as the household was quite sufficient. There were no Computers, cellphones, video games or electric appliances. The radios had a 120volt battery and a 1.5volt accumulator. The stove was gas only and a fridge for the milk was a clay cover that stood in a saucer of water, very much like a bush fridge. The only thing was at night we used candles or firelight , as torches didn`t have bright LED`s so didn`t last too long.

Yesterday we had 2 load sheds, the first was 4 hours and the second was a bit shorter and maybe the next story will explain why. When the second load shed came the police station generator kicked in but after about half an hour it stopped, I then went to switch our power on but nothing happened. I took a look at the police station and it was blacked out, they like Eskom had run out of Diesel. We have just got another load shed and I didn`t hear the generators so I looked over the wall, and all I saw was police men with torches. It is very dark inside there as the windows are quite small. Anyway they are enjoying a long smoke break, no tea break, no computers and no police radio. I wonder because they are parastatal do they have the same problems with diesel as Eskom ? They could go to the local petrol station as they still have some.

With all the power cuts I thought I would go to the farm and take a few photos of the sunsets there.

There are a lot of mini climates around this farm and I have found some very peculiar things in the surrounding bush.

If this is a mushroom then it`s the ugliest one I have ever seen. J

If you like metal detecting this is the easiest circuit to make, but you may only find bottle tops and nails.

These were found on a beach with a similar detector, good luck J

Colour Shift. 4

The end of this blog is a continuation of the last one on car number plates.

I was experimenting with an old digital camera and found that by taking one of the filters out it took infrared photos. These photos were taken with a standard camera set for negative, some of them look better than if they were in colour.

A simple bowl of plants in colour.

The same pot only in negative or reversed colour. Reds become green and most of the blue becomes mauve.

A green tree becomes white and the sky is sepia with dark clouds. This looks a lot better than it did in colour. And the shadows become white .

As I explained in my last blog that near public buildings there are some number plates that just don`t make sense. I find it strange that most of these unusual car plates are on ` Mercedes cars` and there is always a name printed above it to one side.


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